Kim Kardashian on Newly Released Playboy Pics: WTF?!?

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In 2007, Kim Kardashian posed for Playboy. Combined with her Ray J sex tape, this pictorial was the reason she got famous.

Fast forward three years, though, and Kim has done all she can to transform herself from someone known for posing in the buff to someone known for posing in a bikini. It's been quite the evolution!

For that reason, the reality star is reportedly peeved that Playboy has released a set of never-before-seen photos from her 2007 shoot to members of the its Cyber Club. One of them is pictured here:

Old Playboy Pic

"Kim was really upset that the new photos were released," a source told Radar Online, saying Kim feels her mom pressured her into the original shoot. "She freaked out that they were out there, she didn't think that they were going to be seen again."

Earlier this year, Kardashian told Harper's Bazaar that she regrets posing for the men's magazine, even though, ironically, she never would landed the Harper's Bazaar interview without the Playboy spread. Said Kim:

"I'm sorry I did Playboy. I was uncomfortable."

To prove her point, Kim proceeded to get into her birthday suit for Harper's Bazaar. Excuse us while we go bash our heads against our desks...


yeah its a shame as much as her big fat boogy lovin ass is bare that she couldnt firm it up .She is hot but you figger if big reggie coulnt work some fat off that black bottom bonner magnet ass then may he should have brought the hole team over to get some real results then to kim that would be like feeding her chocolates its funny!butt she is goodlooking all girls that are hot have more miles on them thats how they get to be good at it thats how it all started its a give and take world i wonder if she bonned old heff after all he does pay big bucks ,see ya


Kim K. is a *kommodity, not to be confused with a woman of modesty. Even her own mother encouraged her to show more for the pages of Playboy, and yes Kim K. went along with Momanager Kris J. and showed more because not only did Hef expected it out of her,but Kris J. told her she *had to do it. There is no mystique about Kim K, she tells all, and shows it all.


Kim is what we call a Wore out Gold Digging SLUT!


NOTE TO KIM: You have nothing we haven't already seen, there is no more mystery about you or your body, you are not intriguing, you are a disgusting person taking advantage of impressionable young children who think the way to fame is to be like Kim. You've made enough money now from showing us all your body parts and your moves in bed, take your money and go find a country where noone has heard of you and hide yourself from society forever. We are sick of seeing you and hearing you whine when you sell your own pictures and videos everytime you drop out of the headlines lol


Anyone ever notice when Kim isn't the headlines something traumatic happens to her or someone in her family? Anyone who believes that those pictures were "Leaked" and Kim is devastated, I have a bridge I'd like to talk to you about lol, Kim's "Leaked" photos and videos are timed just too well and it ALWAYS comes out that Kim was paid for the "Leak" and was the decision maker behind them being leaked at all. When nothing dramatic is going on Kim tends to get forgotten. Sex is the only talent Kim seems to have, it launched her celebrity, it keeps her in the news and when little Kimmy isn't getting all the attention in the news she ALWAYS resorts to sex to reignite her celebrity. I'll be glad when we've seen all there is to see of Kim so maybe she'll just go away, she's getting old already!!!


would yall let me know who is a good role model


whats does she mean she didn't think they were going to be seen again???? Note to Kim if you don't want ur slutty pics or sex tape to be seen how about don't pose for them or leak them in the 1st place. You can't have it both ways ur sex tape and slutty pics is what made you popular you cant try and act all holier than thou now


Kims butt is FAKE!!!!! She had ass implants to attract rich black men.


i guess she's pretty i'll never do playboy course i live in louisiana check out my facebook if u want to i was talking to a girl the other day about kim and she said that she's not a good role model and im like who is a good role model?


In response to sara: I don't know you and don't even know what you look like but I can rightfully say that you do not have a booty like Kim Kardashian. Why does every girl with a fat ass try to justify it's fatness by actually comparing it to Kim Kardashian.


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