Kim Kardashian on Newly Released Playboy Pics: WTF?!?

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In 2007, Kim Kardashian posed for Playboy. Combined with her Ray J sex tape, this pictorial was the reason she got famous.

Fast forward three years, though, and Kim has done all she can to transform herself from someone known for posing in the buff to someone known for posing in a bikini. It's been quite the evolution!

For that reason, the reality star is reportedly peeved that Playboy has released a set of never-before-seen photos from her 2007 shoot to members of the its Cyber Club. One of them is pictured here:

Old Playboy Pic

"Kim was really upset that the new photos were released," a source told Radar Online, saying Kim feels her mom pressured her into the original shoot. "She freaked out that they were out there, she didn't think that they were going to be seen again."

Earlier this year, Kardashian told Harper's Bazaar that she regrets posing for the men's magazine, even though, ironically, she never would landed the Harper's Bazaar interview without the Playboy spread. Said Kim:

"I'm sorry I did Playboy. I was uncomfortable."

To prove her point, Kim proceeded to get into her birthday suit for Harper's Bazaar. Excuse us while we go bash our heads against our desks...


After being disgraced by the Ray J sex tape, Kardasian is nothing but a total skank! She is complaining about Playboy and how uncomfortable she was, well why did you listen to your mother and accept the offer from Hef? Maybe Mommy should have dropped her pants and bra and let gravity do it's job and had herself photographed for a Seniors Edition of Playboy! As for the constant crying and whining coming out of Kim's mouth, let's remember Kimmy what you and Ray J recorded, by the way it's all part of history now, talk about feeling uncomfortable??? Use that head of yours for something other than a hat rack, man for someone with so much money, she has very little brains and common sense!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


she is so pathetically whinny. Easy on the eyes, hard on the ears. she is a 100% modified person and this is what happens in old hollywood. it's too bad some of her millions could not be spent on education, which enhances you more than plastic surgery. there's one of those in my building. very sad and not too cute when you're pushing fifty! if you had to close your eyes and listen to what comes out of kk's mouth, you would want to choke to death.


so very sick and tired of the whiney Kim Kardashian - just do what you do best - bang famous men and shut up about it


Kim K is so hot!
My ultimate dream!


I saw the show when her mom pipmed her out to do that nude shoot, she did not want to. Her mother is a disgrace.


to monkey thanks i love reese winterspoon is she a good role model yea im thinking twice about kim my dad say i have a booty like her and the only reason saints won is because of her .


To Sara: There are good role models, just not many in Hollywood and especially ones like Kim who is a total MEDIA WHORE AND A WHORE IN GENERAL!! You just need to pick carfully and think would you do what they do? Don't follow who is popular, most of them have no morals, that's a start-good luck!


she posed for them now she has to live with it/ she'll never be respectable at least until she's too old to care if she's popular any more / go ahead and make more porn that's the only way she'll keep up making money/ Bruce jenner has fallen a lot since his olympic days


So it is true, you get what you paid for.


i liked her but now i don't because she got botox thats ashame that we can't look up to celebs because of p s and botox i don't believe in that all that stuff


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