Kim Kardashian On Botox Treatment: Bad Call!

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Kim Kardashian is downing giant beer and chowing down on giant pretzels in Germany.

But the professional celebrity found time to take to her blog today and respond to emails from fans that asked about the Botox treatment she underwent on the season premiere of Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Wrote Kim:

Kim... Klothed?

Kim Kardshian: Anti-Botox. Pro-any endorsement deal she can sign.

"I am not against botox, and I would never judge anyone else for getting any kind of surgical or non surgical procedure, but I think when you’re young there are other ways you can look after your skin... Botox just wasn’t necessary for me at this age."

Instead, Kim recommends an "amazing" product such as "Fusion Beauty’s Illumifill." Wanna take a guess as to who endorses that product?


My absolute fave part of Kim's sex tape is when Ray J was sticking his big d!ck in Kims Fake butt. Kim looked like she was in sooooooo much pain but she never told Ray J to pull out so you know she loved every minute of being a$$ rammed. She was like Ray J baby push it in harder, harder, push it baby. The look on Kims face was priceless looking into the camera all helpless lol


Kim you filthy liar you have had more than just botox. We all know your lips, nose, cheeks, eyes, boobs and your ass come courtesy of a plastic surgeon. We can all google the before and after pics so stop lying just make another sex tape and shut the hell up!!


@ monkey i love lc's clothing line i been buying them at kohl's its just the thought of haveing a booty like kim and i thought she would make a good role model for big booty outthere don't get me wrong i love lauren c and reese so i guess i made my mind that kim is not a good role model and i looked it up thet said it and i looked up the picture of kim and it kinda look like she did had plastic surgery i have lc 2 books and can'wait for the other one .


TO Sara: They are not my opinions, they are facts sorry to burst your bubble. And I think we have gone through this before and you said that Reece W. was better and I agreed!! Lauren C. from the Hills is good too in my opinion. She started on MTV and exited at a great time. Started her own clothing line that is not slutty or super expessive, wrote some books and has a low profile all together.
P.S. Just cuz you have a booty like Kims don't mean nothing!!


@ monkey well i don't know whats the ture about her i just thought that i have a booty like hers how about laruen conrad is she a good role model its good to look up to someone and i hope that girl leah don't get on here i guess i just have to relieaz that kim is what u say ?


Oh Sara you poor naive child. She is going to dissapoint you one way or another. Have you forgotten her sex tape that she leaked or how she is a total media whore. Oh and she is a total LIAR!! Not sure why she your role model but I suggest that you rethink that choice and look deeper than just her fake beauty. Beauty fades and in her case it will melt away!


i know she had botox but i don't thknk her butt and her boobs are fake she is my role model i first i didn't like her for botox but now i forgive for now.


Hopefully, that will be the last. Kim will look like a freakish zombie ahem Madonna if she gets another part of her body done!


LOL .. You have had MORE stuff done to your face & body .. only way to turn that UGLEEEEEEEE thing into a half decent look . fortunately, I did not have to do that, nor was it around . natural IS BEST and trust me, know someone who began with 'eye plastics' at 27 .. every 2 years REDO! .. I let things go the way they were meant to be .. NO SEX tape EVER .. but I had many dates with THE BEST of THE BEST as I lucked out with my parents being JUST gorgeous .. Mother was the belle of her hometown .. I think YOU look awful .. the REAL face WAS shown when you had NO makeup on .. MAGIC makeup . isn't it .. I never wore it at your age and rarely do now .. I worked in the film biz for a VERY long time and saw what all went on and what natural beauties were there too .. Men as handsome as could be .. I picture you FAT in a few years and butt ugleeeeee . sorry .. too bad about not having well mannered parents and good looking too .. I said, I LUCKED out and I did ..

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