Kim Kardashian and Miles Austin: "100 Percent Definitely" Over, Source Says

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Kim Kardashian and Miles Austin have split.

The couple, who spent most of the summer partying together, "broke up about a week ago," an insider told Radar Online.

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Hey, Miles, we know where you can find a replacement for Kim...

Hectic schedules appear to be the case of the break-up ("It was because of their lack of time spent together... it just wasn't realistic that they could make it work," said a friend) as Kim has been in Europe this week, promoting her reality show; while the NFL season is underway and keeping Austin busy.

His Cowboys lost today to the Chicago Bears, whose quarterback is dating Kristin Cavallari.

Might Austin and Kim ever reconcile?

“I’m sure they’ll be on-and-off again but at the moment, they are 100 percent definitely off,” the source said.


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