Kelsey Grammer: I Totally Love Kayte Walsh!

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Kelsey Grammer says he's absolutely in love with Kayte Walsh. Which works out well because the 29-year old is knocked up with the 55-year old's fifth child.

"We are really happy and in love," Grammer told The New York Post this week. "We're looking for a new apartment together in New York, but we haven't found one yet. We're waiting for the perfect place."

Kayte Walsh and Kelsey Grammer

Camille Donatacci Grammer, the actor's third wife, filed for divorce from her husband of 13 years earlier this summer. She can be seen on this fall's The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Camille is a former Playboy model and she's seeking joint legal and physical custody of the couple's children, nine-year-old daughter Mason and six-year-old son Jude.

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Let the old and young feel love, anything you find peace stick to it.What about those that love pets than spouse? That's a good combination keep the fire burning.


What happens to a man's ego during the mid life crisis? Do they go blind and not see what the rest of us see when they look in the mirror? I won't even go on about the sanctity of marriage. I am just old fashioned and think you should try to only have one marriage (I know there are exceptions). But at least he could have traded up to a hotter, younger girl. That girl has nothing on Camille in the looks department. As for the girl, she just hit pay dirt. That baby ensures she will live good until it is 18. I guess enough alcohol and even wrinkle old men look good. (Just keep picturing a dollar bill instead of his face)


Don't he know that she is only after his money. She is 29 and he is 55. He need to act his age and stop chasing young women. He is not catch without the money


She is wasting her youth on this middle-aged third time divorced LOOOOSER!!! WTF OMG!? What is she thinking FOURTH times a charm?? And she's fucking knocked up!! Just another divorce waiting to sad! You will be wiping your kids ass and his!! Can't say I am jealous LOL


She invested in her future. Wuth his track record it probably won't last. She will be compensated for her time. She is also young and will chamge as she grows.


Another example of how young women whore themselves out for money, fame, celebrity, etc.


EEEWWW he is old enough to be your father!! DADDY ISSUES ANYONE???