Kelly McGillis and Melanie Leis: Married!

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Kelly McGillis, who stole fans' hearts as Tom Cruise's love interest in Top Gun and Harrison Ford's in Witness, then came out as a lesbian last year, wed her partner, Melanie Leis. They were married in Collingswood, N.J., Municipal Court.

It was a civil union ceremony, as their home state of New Jersey does not recognize gay marriage. But the sentiment is the same, and we congratulate them.

Tamera Mowry, Adam Housley

Twice-divorced and with two children, Kelly McGillis announced she was a lesbian just last year although it had been long rumored in show business circles.

She and Melanie Leis first met when she worked as a bartender at a Key West, Fla., restaurant the actress owned with her then-husband, Fred Tillman.

McGillis has concentrated on stage work in recent years, though she did appear on the Showtime series about lesbians, The L Word. Congrats again!


Kelly just saw one of your movies. I have to say you are amazing. Your work is amazing. We need for you to come back. Would love to continue to see you on the big screen. Congrats on your wedding. Keep strong..


@Lilmissemerald and Decentindividual How about all opinion is kept to ourselves? Are you going to be part of the new police that allows only certain opinion through aka yours and those like yours? Yeah you can disagree but so long they're at least not crude (i.e. using slurs) you can't do much about it..


@Rosie HOW SICK, a filthy, disgusting HOMOPHOBE! Urrrghhh, I do not need to know your red-neck, narrow-minded, ignorant opinion. Keep it to yourself.


@Rosie: What part bothers you - that two women are married or that their union is being publicized and congratulated? Believe it or not, gays and lesbians are ALSO good, moral people. They come from the same communities, go to the same schools, work the same jobs and live for the same reasons that straight people do. It's awfully self-righteous of you to assume otherwise, just because they believe in something different from what your narrow mind can fathom.


HOW SICK!!! I do so wish homosexuals would PLEASE keep their sexual sickness to themselves. The good MORAL people of this country/world DO NOT NEED TO KNOW!!! What these people do in the privacy of their homes should be kept private.

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