Katherine Schwarzenegger Praises "Normal" Upbringing in New Book

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You're likely familiar with the parents of Katherine Schwarzenegger.

But this is probably the first time you've heard of this 20-year old, which speaks to the new author's upbringing. Speaking to USA Today about Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and mother Maria Shriver, the USC junior said:

Muscle Wasting

"They were very protective of having us in the public eye when we were younger. We didn't go to Hollywood premieres. We practiced community service. We went to school and camp like normal kids."

Despite this healthy childhood, Katherine has written a book - "Rock What You've Got: Secrets to Loving Your Inner and Outer Beauty From Someone Who's Been There and Back," out tomorrow - which details the struggles she faced as a fourth grader.

"It was the first time I was aware of my body and compared what I looked like to what other girls looked like. It freaked me out," she says. "I want to let girls know they are not alone with the changes and doubts about their body."

Schwarzenegger stands 5'8" and is a size 6.

Katherine says she never had an eating disorder, but engaged in a "friendly competition" with a friend growing up and tried to remain below 100 pounds.

Along with working out and maintaining a healthy diet, of course, Schwarzenegger cites an open communication with one's parents when it comes to the issue of body image.

"My mom was always good with me. She always checked in with me. I had the best relationship with my mom. I still do. I talk to her four times a day.... I also have an amazing relationship with my dad. ... I talk to him about boys, about going out, about what I'm interested in, about business."

We hope all the parents out there are paying attention. Way to go, Governator!


Leave it to Arnold and Maria to have a beautiful daughter with her head on straight.


People, she did not offer her height and weight. Read it again this is the typical unnecesary data that is often included in this type of article. The point is that she is trying to help teens with eating disorders. The fact that almost everyone who has posted about this has focused on her size, "She isn't a size 6", really makes her point that people are fixated on size. Shame on you all for engaging in the casual petty crap that eats away at people's self esteem.


I commend her very much for writing a book about self-esteem, I think that's great. I also think it's great that she is comfortable in her own skin and has over come her issues with her own body, but I also think it is very irritating that we then have to know that she is 5'8 and a size 6. Who cares about that! You just wrote a book about self-esteem and loving your body but then throw in your size. I am 29 and have been anorexic sinc the age of 11. If I ever became 100% ok with my body and decided to write a book about my struggle with self-esteem and body image, I most certainly wouldn't throw in my size. I think that is just a little hypocrytical and very annoying. If she is a 6 or not, are we supposed to really care?


She most accurately embodies the classic "pear-shaped" physique; ideal for child-bearing and likely closer to a size 10 or 12.


She is a plus size not size 6. I know, her thighs look exactly like mine.


She definitely ain't no 6!! Look at them thighs! She's got 'em for days!


Kudos to the Governor and California's first lady with maintaining a good relationship with thier daughter. She seems to have a good head on her shoulders.


Whether she is a 6 or not, she is trying to help young teens to live a healthy life. Lets give her the benefit of the doubt. My local newspaper has so many typos in it, that I am considering cancelling my subscription. Perhaps this is the case here. A. King


You go Michael. Jealousy is definately an UGLY emotion. I for one (as a woman) think she is wonderful and a size 6. On top of that she is obviously down to earth and incredibly intelligent. Wonder if any of these other "posters" have ever written anything else other than insults? I am sure none of them have ever written a book to help others.


Doesn't mean she's a size 6 in the picture above. But consider this; 37 years ago, when I got married, I wore a size 10. I was 19 years old, 5'6" tall and weighed 110 lbs. My measurements were 34-21-34. Today, I would be a size 0. The fashion industry has changed sizes to hoodwink us into thinking we are so small. 37 years ago, the average girl dreamed of being a size 10, because we were then skinny.