Katherine Schwarzenegger Praises "Normal" Upbringing in New Book

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You're likely familiar with the parents of Katherine Schwarzenegger.

But this is probably the first time you've heard of this 20-year old, which speaks to the new author's upbringing. Speaking to USA Today about Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and mother Maria Shriver, the USC junior said:

Muscle Wasting

"They were very protective of having us in the public eye when we were younger. We didn't go to Hollywood premieres. We practiced community service. We went to school and camp like normal kids."

Despite this healthy childhood, Katherine has written a book - "Rock What You've Got: Secrets to Loving Your Inner and Outer Beauty From Someone Who's Been There and Back," out tomorrow - which details the struggles she faced as a fourth grader.

"It was the first time I was aware of my body and compared what I looked like to what other girls looked like. It freaked me out," she says. "I want to let girls know they are not alone with the changes and doubts about their body."

Schwarzenegger stands 5'8" and is a size 6.

Katherine says she never had an eating disorder, but engaged in a "friendly competition" with a friend growing up and tried to remain below 100 pounds.

Along with working out and maintaining a healthy diet, of course, Schwarzenegger cites an open communication with one's parents when it comes to the issue of body image.

"My mom was always good with me. She always checked in with me. I had the best relationship with my mom. I still do. I talk to her four times a day.... I also have an amazing relationship with my dad. ... I talk to him about boys, about going out, about what I'm interested in, about business."

We hope all the parents out there are paying attention. Way to go, Governator!


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She looks great!


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Katherine has Arnold's eyes


Good on you Katherine!


Gee get a grip people! Why all this judgment about whether she is a size six or not? My mom is a size 8, my daughter is a size 4. Katherine absolutely looks like a size 6 to me. Yeah, she might be pear shaped, so what? That still doesn't mean she's lying about her size. I think she's a gorgeous girl, and it seems she's intelligent and a good person too. The people with body image issues are y'all who are judging her.

Faith maguire

Well said Jim M!! And for some of the others...well...just my opinion, but who cares what 'size' she is?!?! The fact of the matter is that she has grown to become a healthy, level headed young woman, who has a wonderful relationship with her parents!! We could use more roll models like her for our children and grandchildren instead of Gaga, Lohan, Spears, etc.!!! Honestly! mom108...you focus on nothing but her size and shape. Is that how you would raise your own daughter?? It's sad to see where most minds instantly go...the size of the body. She also has a mind and appears to be using it quite well. She could be a plus size and it shouldn't matter!!! Out of an entire article about her life, most have focused on one sentence. How sad............


cantik sekali.....


sorry to say this gal is not a size six..tell it like it is..she looks like a very nice young lady,but to try and do the size thing, like it matters to us strangers..(we have eyes) and are not dum dums, be the best that you can be, so maybe you need to drop a few pds..your mom needs to gain a few pds..so what..eat normal..excercise..do the best you can..so be happy young lady, learn..be nice an smart..do good for yourself an family..and maybe down the line some good for our country, its in your blood I am sure.. but just be healthy ok..best regards..grandma joan