Kate Gosselin vs. Jon Gosselin: Round 278!

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Oh, how we've missed Jon and Kate Gosselin feuding in public and acting more immature than their children.

Fortunately, the latter's appearance today on Live with Regis & Kelly has stoked a new round in this nauseating feud.

Tooling Around

When Kate and Jon fight, the only winner is... every other parent on the planet, each of whom looks better by comparison.

Saying that the level of tension between her and her ex-husband "depends on the day," Kate decided to ratchet up today's level by going on about how much her children hate spending time at their dad's new house.

"I basically wait for the phone call from how many of them want to come home," said the self-serving, awful human being. "It doesn't feel like home to them... they want to be at home."

Yes, Kate, divorce can be hard on children. It's an adjustment. The job of a parent is to be supportive and loving and explain to one's kids why things are the way they are... not to publicly call out their father.

Replied Jon, who is already dealing with new Hailey Glassman nonsense, via Twitter:

"As much as I want to respond to numerous LIES recently claimed on Regis and Kelly, I will refrain. I have learned from the past that it’s a waste of my time and energy. I am 'rising above', and refuse to engage in any sort of public argument that could potentially harm or upset my children. My children and the people in my life know the truth, and that is what's important."

Yeah, Jon, way to rise above it and not respond... by responding! We haven't asked this question in awhile, but this pair is forcing our hand here: WHO SUCKS MORE?


I have to agree with jon wtf does it matter what people say as long as the ones that matter know the truth....? I think kate is a immature power whore and needs help! Dont get me wrong jon has his flaws too...but he is the more mentally stabble...in my opionion both need to stop and just try to be good parents and try to get along for the kids sake and as far as kate dogging him in the end the kids will see how she is...i STRONGLY believe that the kids wont like kate much as they get older she is WAY to controlling those kids are going to become miserable the older they get... I feel for them all i hope everyone involved gets there shit straight


Yeah I know Jon was the one caught f-ing up. But still it seems he is being held to a higher standard than her. It seems she gets a pass on all the nagging, beligerency, rudeness, shrew-type behavior. She can be as (female dog)-y as she wants and that's okay, even before the break up. Not saying its right but seeking solace in another's arm was his way of dealing with it. Should have went to a marriage counselor and psychiatrists first but some people don't think in that way. Straighten up, Jon. Look at yourself in the mirror. Do you see the man you thought you'd be or wanted to be? If not, start working on that guy. Do what you gotta do.


The majority of the world seems to bleed for Kate but would burn out the eyes of Jon with a hot poker. As far as the kids are concerned Jon needs to man-up and be a father in any and every way he can. As far as the shrew goes, just get your life together and move the hell on. Take time to straighten out your life, make good decisions and figure out how to enjoy the rest of your life. Be civil to the wench if for no other reason than to keep access to your children. This is not about TV shows and celebrity now. Its about the lives of your children. If you both don't get it right you're gonna screw up more than just your lives.


Why do they even bother to put Kate on tv.She goes on the view and if it is not about her, she sits there like a deer in headlights, she does;nt have a clue. All she can carp about is how hard she has it and what a jerk Jon is.I think Jon should put a gag order on her.


Lots of people respect Jon, nobody respects Kate. Kate lies every time she breathes and people are tired of it.


What an unbelievable bitch. Are you kidding me with this? HOW DARE SHE go on TV ( why was she even on there in the first place)
and slam the father of her kids. Even if she hates Jon you NEVER EVER EVER do that. She is a horrible person and a worse mother.


Why is Jon such a Fat Pig?
Why isn't Jon paying his child support?
Why doesn't Jon have a job?
Why is Jon such a Loser?
Why does Jon lie so much?
Why does Jon have a 2 inch peen?
Why is Jon so desperate for attention that he appeared on a radio show with a rabbi and talked lies about his X wife?
Why is Jon so Ugly?
Why is Jon so despicable?
Why does Jon have no ones respect ?
Why is Jon a dead beat dad?


P.S. Couldn't you get a picture of Jon Gosselin instead of that Fat Ugly Homeless Guy?


P.S. Couldn't you find a better picture of Kathie Lee Gifford for your article? She looks kind of old.


What the hell did Jon do?? He'sminding his own business and suddenly the harpie goes on TV and starts telling a bunch of lies about him! She's depicable and desperate for attention. What a pig she is!

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