Kanye West Toasts to Douchebags, Debuts New Song at VMAs

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Was this the song written for Taylor Swift?

At last night's MTV Video Awards, Kanye West introduced "Runaway" to the crowd, a single that started with the rapper going solo on a synthesizer before chanting: "You've been putting up with my s–– for way too long."

A week prior to the event, in an effort to apologize for last year's VMA catastrophe, West said he had penned a song for Swift. It's unclear if this was actually it, as subsequent lyrics included:

"Let's have a toast for the douchebags. Let's have a toast for the a------s. Let's have a toast for the scumbags. Let's have a toast for the jerkoffs. Baby, I got a plan. Runaway fast as you can."

Listen to Kanye's "Runaway" below and then compare it to Taylor's "Innocent," which also premiered at the ceremony and which was likely meant as a response to West. What an unexpected rivalry/friendship, huh?

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sigh, its about time they kissed n made up... before him i didnt know who the heck she was... and that is the truth... so maybe she owes him just a little bit hmmmmm?


Woah woah woah guys, calm down. I don't think that song was meant for Taylor. Just coz it's new and he's performing it doesn't mean it's about her. I'm pretty sure he has a conscience so he wouldn't do that. Anyway, as long as it's still unclear, let's just be quiet about it. It's between him and Taylor anyway.


The only good thing about these vmas was Aziz Ansari introducing Kanye. Wish he had hosted instead of that big bore Handler.


what ticks me off about this article is that it paints this song to be about taylor swift, when it's EXTREMELY obvious that he wrote it about himself. I hate it when gossip sites try to stir up crap. it was just his way of saying that he knows what he did last year was douchey, and also that he in fact is a douche. I'm just glad he finally admitted it.


I just dont get Kanyes sense of humour.....or his supposed musical "talent", TBH. But award shows would be even more boring without an incident or spectacle.


- okay i love kanye! jut taylor annoys me; like you're freaking famous and livng you are okay. He didnt effing shot you get over it.




He did something wrong we all know that!!!!!! SO HAVE YOU!!!! FORGIVE AND FORGET!!!! LOVE THIS SONG!! WHO BETTER TO SING !!!!!!!


I cant stand Kanye anymore.. He's an ass who just wants attention.. He has no respect or anyone and fame has gone to this losers head.