JWoww Playboy Photos: Coming Soon!

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JWoww, a.k.a. Jenni Farley, is getting prepared to show off her rockin' body like never before. Soon we'll see it in all its silicone and HGH-fueled glory.

"Final offer is standing," JWoww tells E! Online of the deal the Jersey Shore star has been quietly working on this summer to pose nude in Playboy.

"Hopefully, it will go through."

JWoww Bikini Pic

ALL NATURAL: JWoww hasn't had ANY work done. No way.

Still, it's unclear if we'll be saying wow or JWOWW when the issue comes out, if you know what we mean. We mean whether she'll be full-frontal.

"It hasn't been talked about yet," she said.

Earlier this year, the reality star shot down rumors that she was getting another boob job. JWoww says she's more than happy with her current size.

"Going bigger would not work for me," she said, showing surprising restraint. Heidi Montag has had at least 2-3. Gotta step up your game, Jenni.


i dont blame you. you are every were people want what you have i dnt blame them you are out standing.you are just going to live with the aftermath..


I dont blame her. She is exploiting the media for a helluva lot of money. She has something ppl want, and they are willing to give her want she wants. That's basic economics....so more power to you. You're just gonna hafta live with the aftermath of the shoot...


Oh I am so fucking shocked!! What else was she going to do, she already did the Jersey Shores (dudes and all) this was just the next logical step for this skank looser!! Playboy has been going down hill this is taking the cake though!!


Ewwww. Nasty looking.




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