Justin Bieber to Jasmine Villegas: Come to Hawaii!

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Sometimes, a kiss is just a kiss. Other times, it's a prelude to a Hawaiian vacation and a relationship that sends shock waves and tears around the globe.

To the chagrin of millions of teenage girls, the latter appears to be the case for Justin Bieber and Jasmine Villegas. They were spotted making out a couple weeks ago, though neither side has come out and confirmed a relationship.

But actions often speak louder than words.

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Justin Bieber and Jasmine Villegas sitting in a palm tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g...

Already opening for Justin on tour, Jasmine was "supposed to be left off the upcoming Hawaii concerts," an insider told Us Weekly. However...

"Justin wanted her there, so he made it happen."

We're really sorry, female readers, but sounds like someone is about to get leid... if you're familiar with the traditional, flowery Hawaiian necklace and know what we mean!

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I Really Hope They Are NOT Dating..Because If They Are, Im Going To Find Ms. Little SLUT (Jasmine V xP) And Beat The Shiit Out Of Her. Then Maybe She Will Learn Who To Kiss And Who Not To Kiss. I Love Justin Bieber With All My Heart...And I Think He's Honestly Making A Big Mistake. I NEVER LIKED JASMINE VILLEGAS, AND BECAUSE OF THIS...I NEVER WILL! SHE'S CANT SING, SHE CANT DANCE, AND SHE'S REALLY NOT EVEN THAT PRETTY! AND WHOEVER THAT DISAGREE'S WITH ME CAN SUCK IT!


I'm not tryin to be mean but come on jasmine is USING you justin OPEN YOUR EYES. I think she's ok but to me she seems FAKE. I mean you could have done better justin i rather see you with caitlin that jasmine. She seems like a bitch too that's just my opinion :)


wtf are you thinking justin set aside the hormones for a sec and look and this slut when youre not horny. SHES A SLUTTTTT and why would you tell all your fans youre single when obviously your not


WAITTTTT IS JUSTIN BIEBER AND JASMINE Going out !!!!!!!!????????????


this cannot happpeen! Justin is MY future husband Villegas best backk offf, !! >,


Justin + Jasmine Are My Best Friends! im verry happy for them! k so shut up its justin + jasmines Life !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


shes not even a good singer and dancer she sucks like wtf is she here. no one will want to go to the concert now.UGHHH!!!! i was gonna go but i decided not to go anymore!!! FUCK IT!!


wtf why!!!! hawaii is a place to relax and enjoy time (hehe i live there>___


If this is true I will commit suicide,
This is killing me, falls apart ...


justin has been lying to his fans.
he has been lying that his single.
justin, you and jasmine are full on kissing, and your just friends?
yeah sure. His gonna keep lying, because he wants all these girls round him! ilike Jasmine, she deserves better, justin looks like a player, one minuet he has a crush on Cheryl Cole, he asked rihanna out, his making stupid remarks about beyonce, 'his love' He flirts with miley on stage, He has been flirting with taylor swift before, and ohmygod, him and kim kardashian.
justin wont last with fame, 2more years thats it.

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