Justin Bieber to Jasmine Villegas: Come to Hawaii!

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Sometimes, a kiss is just a kiss. Other times, it's a prelude to a Hawaiian vacation and a relationship that sends shock waves and tears around the globe.

To the chagrin of millions of teenage girls, the latter appears to be the case for Justin Bieber and Jasmine Villegas. They were spotted making out a couple weeks ago, though neither side has come out and confirmed a relationship.

But actions often speak louder than words.

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Justin Bieber and Jasmine Villegas sitting in a palm tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g...

Already opening for Justin on tour, Jasmine was "supposed to be left off the upcoming Hawaii concerts," an insider told Us Weekly. However...

"Justin wanted her there, so he made it happen."

We're really sorry, female readers, but sounds like someone is about to get leid... if you're familiar with the traditional, flowery Hawaiian necklace and know what we mean!

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Im sorry but I cant stand Jasmine Villegas!!! And I think they make a horrible couple. Also Im a true Bieber fan but i cant stand seeing them two together, and if you dont agree, whatever i dont care. oh and i might not like jasmine villegas but i know for sure that she isnt that kind of girl and justin would never do anything like that at such a young age, so i would watch you mouth and think before you speak.


Plz give me jb &jv email id...Plzz..I love both alot.No partiality...In ma eyes both are good .I hope ur replay.Ma id:febslab@gmail.Com


I love Jasmine villegas verymuch....Plzz be..


I'm a really a big fan Justin bieber but really hate j.V;);"


No wayyyyyy....i love Justin bieber with my all heart and j.v not you!!!


Jasmin V. is a VERY nice & respectful young lady. Keep your rude comments to yourself. Anyway, Jasmin TOO GOOD for Justin. F.Y.I. they are NOT a couple. (period) : }~


and also i forgot they really make a good couple because they are both a good singer and they are really popular.Please do not get mad.


it is ok if they are a couple because it is their right to love on person.i like two of the together that's why I'm supporting the two of them.i really hope that they are a real couple!!!so for the girls that have crush to Justin GET LOST!!!(joke and PEACE)


I think Justin and Jasmine make a cute couple I don't hate her like some people I think she's pretty and amazing singer. I want them to be togheterbecause I like both of them. so people need to back off Justin could date however he wants so if they are dating am happy for them.


wow..some of you are insane! you can't honestly judge her like that! you don't know her. yes its very heart-breaking, but if justin is happy with her, let it be. (: -destinyy♥

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