Justin Bieber Covers Teen Vogue, Praises Selena Gomez

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In the latest issue of Teen Vogue, Justin Bieber shows off his sweet side.

He then gives us his scary side in a new preview for CSI. Go HERE to check out the latest promo for Bieber's guest-starring stint on that CBS drama, and then read what Justin told the aforementioned magazine below...

On his CSI character: It seems like I’m this sweet and innocent kid, and then it turns out I’m the mastermind behind everything.

On how fans should approach him: Just talk to me. Ask me how I’m doing. Introduce yourself instead of yelling, ‘Justin! Justin! Justin! Can I have a picture?’ And don’t come up to me while I’m eating. How would you like it if I came into your house and started taking pictures of you while you were eating? I hate that.

Who would he want to co-star in a movie with? Selena Gomez. She’s a good buddy of mine. She’s really nice.

Ouch, sorry Miley Cyrus! Click on the photos below to enlarge more images of Justin in the magazine:

For Teen Vogue
J. Biebs Photo
Justin Bieber in Teen Vogue

y in the name of heck cnt u ppl who hate him leave him alone gosh its not like he did something to u gosh!n im not obssesed with him or anything but i think hes ok at least i dnt make threats like all u ppl! come on now u guys aint say no stuff to chris brown nor M.J!!! u ppl r so mean n rude


It looks like he got a brainfreeze during that pic.


that sucks!selena really!!miley is way better!!URE LOSE!!:(((


wat a pic it is so NOT NOT NOT COOL OR EVEN HOT NEITHER IS J.B wake up and see people he thinks he's all that but he's TOTALLY NOT WATCH OUT J.B stop acting like you're hot and cute you are so NOT


i love you justin and i love this pic of you it is so hot.


NO madder where he is or what he does he ALWAYS look good!PEACE i luv ya justin


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