Josie Harris: Floyd Mayweather Punched Me in the Head!

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Josie Harris called the police on Floyd Mayweather Jr. yesterday morning and now we know why, at least according to Harris herself:

The ex-girlfriend of this boxing champion has filed for a restraining order against him and alleges that he broke into her house and awoke her by, "pulling me by my hair and throwing me on the ground in my living room and began punching me in my head."

Floyd Mayweather Pic

Did Floyd Mayweather deliver an illegal knock out outside of the ring?

Harris goes on to say Mayweather tried to break her arm and beat her in front of the pair's three children.

The alleged incident appears to have stemmed from Mayweather taking issue with Josie's new boyfriend, as Harris claims her ex "yelled and screamed that he was going to kill me and my boyfriend and make sure we are taken care of."

** UPDATE: According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, Mayweather has been arrested and booked for grand larceny related to the domestic incident. He supposedly took an iPhone from Harris' home.

He has NOT been arrested for domestic violence... yet.

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Virgie Morales


He hasn't been arrested yet? And the delay is caused by what???? WOW, he has $$$$ so he gets to be the rude, crude, stupid individual he's apparently always been? I'm so not impressed, this fella is a bully, it's really quite simple, lock him up, make him pay a nice stiff fine, and don't support him in his chosen sport. Let's hear about someone who is actually a talented, purposefull human, not this back alley trash.......


I hope that Josie will get a new life,and stop fighting to hold on to a relationship with Floyd. OUCH!!


This is typical of the Mayweather clan!! Someone labeled Mayweather jr as the best pound for pound fighter in awhile and I guess ole Floyd wanted to see if he still had it??


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