Joe Giudice: Sentenced to Jail!

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In July, we reported that Teresa and Joe Giudice really might go to jail for lying in their bankruptcy filing documents.

Turns out, we were half right.

Derek Lowe Mug Shot

Radar Online reports that Joe has been sentence to 10 days in the slammer for driving with a suspended license. The moron was arrested for drunk driving in January and will likely start serving the new sentence this week.

How does Teresa feel about this, just the latest scandalous incident to hit her family? She blames the media and the public for all the attention, of course.

"First the bankruptcy thing and then all the rumors," she says in the latest issue of In Touch. "It's like people have nothing better to do - it's pretty sad."

But kids Gia, Gabriella, Milania and Audriana get this self-centered joke of a woman by: "I mean look at them, they're just amazing. They're just so beautiful, and they make me happy. I live for making as much money as I can off being a mom."


joe being able to do that split will come in handy in jail


Yikes....What a scary looking litter, uh, I mean...f a m i l y...


Listen T life is not what you can make out of it; its what the world n its wonderful class of people who are not any different then you n myself, its just a way of life. But u have to realize how u portrait yourself is exactly what people( which r not that smart n realy r bored with their lives)can relate too. I don't care 4 Caroline at all She is older n s/b smarter but its true she continuely aggravated whole show n you n Jacquline. I guess this was her show n her show alone. Where r her own friends, her own age group, thats the pity. But its over n u n Jac. were left to really look so stupid n ignorant and so confonie like. I not sure I spelled that word right/ Before u get started once again stop n think before you open your mouth unless all u are interested is in making MONEY. This show has laid out your life IN PUBLIC.


Teresa Guidice needs a reality check.If you put yourself out there on a reality show you will be scrutinized,And if there's any sort of a scandal of course it's big news.My advice to teresa and joe is "if you can't take the heat stay out of the kitchen!!!!!

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