Jennifer Grey: Dancing With the Stars Favorite?

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Jennifer Grey is 50 years old. 50. Think about how much more impressive that made the actress' Dancing With the Stars debut. Grey leads outright with 24 points!

While The Situation and Bristol Palin get more press, the Dirty Dancing star and Derek Hough got more points - 8s from all three judges for their Viennese Waltz.

"I'm surprised at how much fun it was to perform it," Jennifer said, noting that she feared coming on DWTS. Hough praised Grey as "honest" and "uplifting."

Not in the literal sense. Grey reportedly refuses to be lifted in the air on the show, which is too bad. Oh well. Check out her first routine of the season here:

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Actress Janifer Gray HAS MY VOTE. FANTASIC. 100 Points Gary


People are already freaking out about having Jennifer Grey on the show is unfair.
People, she's no Nicole Scherzinger.
Jennifer Grey does not dance for a living. Sure, she's had some dance training at one point or another in her life but honestly, what female celebrity hasn't?
Learning some dance choreographies for one movie 20 something years ago does not make her a pro dancer or even a good dancer.
Plus, she's 50 and has had chronic back/neck problems for many years now... that's why she won't be able to do the lift.
Jennifer's first dance was beautiful and heartfelt but other contestants did very well, too.
Surprisingly there was just one train wreck (Hasselhoff) and he got disposed of right away.
Jennifer Grey's chances of winning this are just as good or bad as Audrina's, Brandy's or Bristol's.
It's all about who gets the votes in the end.

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We should have started dancing with one arm waaay before.

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