Jay-Z on Willow Smith: The Next Michael Jackson?

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Willow Smith is the nine-year old daughter of Will Smith. She already has a popular single and a recording contract, as she was signed this week to Jay-Z's Roc Nation.

Now, the young girl also has impossibly high expectations to meet, as Jay-Z appeared on Ryan Seacrest's radio program yesterday and actually made a comparison between Willow and Michael Jackson.

Jada and Willow

"I heard the record first before I knew that it was recorded by a nine year old and I was like, man that record's a smash," said the music mogul. "I believe in superstars. I believe in big records and in superstars and I think [Willow] has both.

"She has a child's innocence but she has a clear vision of who she is and who she wants to be. I can only imagine that's how Mike [Michael Jackson] was as a young kid, he knew exactly what he wanted."

Easy there, Jay-Z. Can we give this girl some time before we put her in the same league as arguably the most iconic, popular artist in history?

Asked if Willow Smith was too young for a singing career, the rapper scoffed and replied: "When you have that sort of talent, there is no such thing as too young."

Do you agree?


there will be no one like michael jackson


that's right dianne, michael was the best!


Well said Maureen. All of will and Jada's kids seem to have a good head on their shoulder's, they are articulate, smart and they don't act like the typical SPOILED RICH BRATS. Fran said they look like they are dressed for HALLOWEEN, I would rather my kids dress strange and have a good head than to SLUT AROUND with every RICH man that comes along( PARIS, KIM K) or run around town getting SLOPPY DRUNK( LINDSAY, BRITNEY,PARIS) or leak a sex tape( KIM K,PARIS). I get the feeling if Willow was WHITE, like the ones I mentioned instead of being a little BLACK girl, then some people wouldn't have anything to say! Willow is not doing anything wrong, she wants to sing, GET OVER IT!


i think everyone should let this child be who she wants and follow anyone footsteps she wants in a good way.there are other wierd stars that dress up and have makeup for men and no one says anything,leave people alone and respect who they are and love everyone.there are all shape and forms and they are still human and want to fit in to are world and they should,not everyone is luck to get good looks.they are still good people.


as talented as he was i would not want my child to be like m jackson - in many ways he led a tragic and sad life / his talent almost outdone by his problems / hopefully the smiths can keep better track and this little girl will ge grounded more in reality that jackson- let her be a child first / will started early and seems to be a decent guy compared to most in hollywood hopefully the little girl will have his help to handle any fame or lack of fame that comes her way


I havent heard her sing.........but why would a parent allow a child to go looking so foolish. Their kids always look like they are dressed for halloween


There will never be another Michael Jakson. He was one in a million. This young one does not sound anything like MJ.


Michael Jackson was actually forced to sing by his Father & it seems that this are Willows decisions, not her Parents'. As long as her parents lead her in the right direction, there's no reason why she has to end up bad. Jada & Pink both have successful careers. GO Willow!


That is a Lindsay Lohan in the making. Will let your children be children, you have enough money to leave them. Michael did not end up well did he?

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