Jay-Z on Willow Smith: The Next Michael Jackson?

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Willow Smith is the nine-year old daughter of Will Smith. She already has a popular single and a recording contract, as she was signed this week to Jay-Z's Roc Nation.

Now, the young girl also has impossibly high expectations to meet, as Jay-Z appeared on Ryan Seacrest's radio program yesterday and actually made a comparison between Willow and Michael Jackson.

Jada and Willow

"I heard the record first before I knew that it was recorded by a nine year old and I was like, man that record's a smash," said the music mogul. "I believe in superstars. I believe in big records and in superstars and I think [Willow] has both.

"She has a child's innocence but she has a clear vision of who she is and who she wants to be. I can only imagine that's how Mike [Michael Jackson] was as a young kid, he knew exactly what he wanted."

Easy there, Jay-Z. Can we give this girl some time before we put her in the same league as arguably the most iconic, popular artist in history?

Asked if Willow Smith was too young for a singing career, the rapper scoffed and replied: "When you have that sort of talent, there is no such thing as too young."

Do you agree?

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She's talented but to be next mj. No......thers only one michael jackson and no one can dance move like mj,the only one king of pop


I agree with "Big Daddy", she is not MJ but does seem to be headed down the road of Lohan, Hilton, Spears, etc. Let the kid be a kid Will & Jada. She's growing up to fast. By the way Jay Z, there can only be one Michael Jackson any other is just an imitation!!


love her style and her look
i dont think there will ever be another micheal jackson
but she is great and shouldnt be compared to anyone becuase she has her own unique style


I love her style and looks but does she get to still be a child?


if she can't be the next Michael Jackson at least she looks like the next Whitney Houston.


Willo can be the nextMJ. Just because she is 9 does not mean she can't be very good now.


like many people have said, no one will ever walk in mj's shoes.he was the icon that will live forever.allow kids to be kids and enjoy been children, let them dream as we did. do not make choices for them please.


Well has anyone seen heard her "Hit single" IT IS BAD


this dumb statement by jay, was meant to cause hype and controversy, which is the requirement to make it in the industry, but don't ever mention willow singing ability with MJ ever again in the same breath... this girl can sound like Rhianna.. MJ had pure natural talent...


Janice: theres no reason to go out and look for new talent when a big name with connections can get tons of hype....and hiring expensive songwriters and producers and AUTOTUNE can take care of the rest.
Talent is an afterthought..."buzz" is whats most valuable these days.

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