Jasmine Villegas: Spotted Kissing Justin Bieber!

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We already knew that Jasmine Villegas was opening for Justin Bieber on tour.

But we just learned that the 16-year old singer has also been opening this cutie pie's mouth... with her tongue!

The Biebs on the Stage

Watch your back, Jasmine Villegas. You're now public enemy number-one to a continent of teenage girls.

The make out session took place on September 9 in Venice, California.

As first reported by TMZ, a random Canadian tourist was walking by a car, noticed his/her country's most adorable import in the backseat and snapped a few pictures of Justin and Jasmine totally getting to first base.


These images are grainy, but also undeniable: Justin Bieber and Jasmine Villegas are engaged in a serious game of tonsil hockey! Click on each to enlarge.

Villegas appeared in Bieber's music video for "Baby." The pair have insisted for weeks that they're merely friends, but these shots prove otherwise.

Sorry, Kim Kardashian (and Chelsea Handler, and Katy Perry, and Rihanna, and Megan Fox...), but you'll need to step up your game now if you wish to date the Biebs. Good luck.


i tink they shuld go out


Justin b i think u r nasty cuz how can u be kissing jasmine whatever her name is and kissing selena gomez at da same time its nt rite stick to one girl and dat is SELENA GOMEZ and by d way lv u selena and nt u justin cheater.


You smile as smile
You happy as happy...
I miss U justin B...
I want can meet you..


iam biggest star of jasmine villeages she is too hot and i didnot sleep for 2 days i want her in anyways iam coming jasmine villeages


heyy i luv ur musiccc


i hate jb because he is super duper gay u know he is dating jasmine he is stupid well love u bye


I think tha Justin bieber shoul date jasmine v, Miranda cosgrove, or Selena gomez


He makes cute couple wit jasmine Villegas of Miranda cosgrove!


He will look really cool.but is Selena going 2like it


I thiu should go out wit jasmine v because she cute u should like her personalities also she is tanleted i know u think she cute .im just sayin u should change your mine and twitch it 2 jasmine v caues yall look rite 2gether luv u oxooxoxoxox peace

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