James Jay Lee: Armed, Dangerous, Taking Hostages at Discovery Channel

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James Jay Lee, a radical environmentalist with a gun, a grudge and possibly carrying an explosive device, is holed up at the Discovery Channel headquarters in Silver Spring, Maryland, taking hostages and demanding to speak with executives.

Discovery Channel gunman James Jay Lee.

Lee recently published a manifesto listing demands to the network, including to stop "encouraging the birth of parasitic human infants." Lee also lashes out about the Discovery Channel programs promoting war and technology.

After he entered the building earlier today, an employee told a local TV station, "We heard, pop, pop, pop, pop." A day care center in the building has been evacuated.

The SWAT team is on scene, where the drama has been unfolding since 1 p.m. Lee is still holding hostages, a small group whose specific numbers are unknown.

James Jay Lee was ordered to a mental institution after a 2008 environmental protest, during which he was arrested for disorderly conduct and later pleaded guilty.

The protest two years ago involved him allegedly trying to draw a crowd by throwing money all over the sidewalk. Instead, it ended with him being thrown in jail.

Now he's back, and tragically, the situation is far more grave this time.

** UPDATE, 7:20 EST: Police shot and killed Lee without any hostages being harmed. The hostages have subsequently been released. Thank goodness.


now i'm never gonna watch discovery again


I think it's something they're putting in the suey sauce.


This was one of the goofiest things I have ever witnessed. I was at my friend's apartment building while this was happening, which is literally right across the street from the Discovery building on Colesville Rd. I saw everything from my window. I hate bastards like this.


wow theres some crazy a** people out there ill tell you.


This terrible news breaking story was very informative and well written.
Even though you were commenting on such a serious news subject, the warm
sincerity of your comments deserve to be acknowledged, and I praise your writing.


The hostages being held were certainly in my thoughts today. I can only imagine the terror they felt while being held hostage, or the stress and worry from their family and friends praying for their safe return. I'm so glad this situation turned out well, as sometimes, situations like this end tragically. They are very lucky. Best of luck to the employees at the Discovery Channel. I hope you can move past this and know how blessed you are.