Jackie Evancho vs. Willow Smith: Who Has the Brighter Future?

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One is nine, the other is 10.

One is the daughter of a superstar, the other a reality show stalwart.

Willow at Premiere

Indeed, a pair of young singing sensation took the nation by storm this week, as Willow Smith debuted a single and Jackie Evancho advanced to the finals on America's Got Talent.

Listen to the former HERE and the latter HERE and then vote in the poll below...

Who has the brighter career ahead of her?


willow is a cutie but i heard her singing live, nothing that any other kid couldn't do, i wasn't impressed.. but its not talent that brings success and huge record sales example.. Rhianna ...


I would like to clarify that Miss Evancho is 10 years old.She had her 10th birthday in April of this year.I would also point out that she is in the finals of AGT and is the favorite to win it.She would be the youngest performer to ever win AGT.She will perform at Carnegie Hall this December,making her the youngest female solo performer in the history of that world renouned institution.With just three performances so far on AGT she is already being praised worldwide.She will be (if not already)an international Superstar!Thats why my vote has to go to Jackie.


Jackie is 10 years old.


I think Willow will have a more successful career because pop music is more popular, but she will have a lot of haters because her name is Smith. It's as if rich people aren't allowed to pursue their dreams. I wish these two girls the best.


It's like comparing apples to oranges really, they both are very talented in their own right and will both be successful, but will have different career paths. I am absolutely amazed at the little opera singer; Wow what an amazing voice and if i could, would go see her perform any day. But I am also equally amazed at nine year old Willow, she makes me want to whip my hair back and forth, what a cute little talent and would definitely go see her perform as well. Different musical genres, different audiences. Both little innocent darlings with hughe visions.


@rubi: A racial element?? Because one is black and one is white? You're the one who attached "squeeky clean" to Jackie and, it seems, implied that she was not "extremely talented" like Willow is. You want "daring to be different?" Did you listen to Jackie?!? She's unlike any 11-year old we've ever heard.
We have no clue what you're talking about, but these are two very young artists in the news in the same week. That's the only connection we made and asked readers to contrast.


I feel there's a racial element here. You're comparing a fiesty and extremely talented Willow Smith with a squeeky clean white girl who looks like she has just come out of a Candy Commerical. I feel her look is false, compared to Willow's daring personality. Go Willow! Dare to be different, that's what Willow is portraying and that's how it should be. . .


It's funny how people are voting for Jackie when we all know that history has shown us otherwise. My favorite is Jackie but she will be the next Charlotte Church, while Willow becomes the next Rhianna, or Fergie, or Beyonce. Talent doesn't always equal fame.

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