Jackie Evancho vs. Willow Smith: Who Has the Brighter Future?

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One is nine, the other is 10.

One is the daughter of a superstar, the other a reality show stalwart.

Willow at Premiere

Indeed, a pair of young singing sensation took the nation by storm this week, as Willow Smith debuted a single and Jackie Evancho advanced to the finals on America's Got Talent.

Listen to the former HERE and the latter HERE and then vote in the poll below...

Who has the brighter career ahead of her?

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The children of stars should not be alowed to be in entertainment. It's not fair to really tallented people and the people who pay to watch.


Jackie's innocence is very appealing,and she seems appreciative of the applauds that is extended to her. Willow enjoys being her parent's daughter,and was handed the key to opportunities because of them and is already acting older than 10 years old.Confidence is a wonderful trait to have, but Willow's in your face diva behavior is a turn off especially with that smirk on her face and those mix-matched hand me downs and boots that is disguised as fashion in her book. Even though it is not the kindest thing to make comparisons between these two young people,I believe that Jackie has the qualifications for longevity, while Willow will be a fad that will soon be known as who's Willow Smith?


Bright future. In turn of making the most money, I think Willow Smith may have the upper hand since she is in pop. With all the auto tune technology, anyone with good look and sexy can make a lot of money.


With studio enhancement and MORE importantly, a good PR machine behind you, anyone can be a star nowadays. Witness Miley Cyrus or Taylor Swift as two examples. If you have ever seen either of those two singing without voice machines,as they do in the studio, or lip synching, as they do in their concerts, you would find they couldn't make it past the first or second show of something like AGT or Idol. As to your question, if you count how much money is earned or how many times one is mentioned on THIS website, probably Ms. Smith would win. But, Ms. Brown is not in the same room, the same house , or the same block as Ms. Evancho as far as singing talent goes.


I don't have to ask who Willow's famous father is. I see the resemblance. I love Will and Willow is cute but I don't hear anything special in this clip. On the other hand, Jackie is both cute and amazingly gifted.


Team Jackie all the way!! She has a talent that no one can just learn, you have to have it in you soul!! I am not just going to like Smith cuz of her parents.


How can you even compare these two? One has genuine talent inside her, and the other has talent created on machines in a studio. Who has the brighter future? Absolutely, it's Jackie Evancho. She will continue to honestly work to improve her vocal talent, while Smith will ride the dollars of her famous parents to "success" (if you call it that). Jackie's future is based in the real world, while Smith was born into a world of no need for anything, and where anything she wants can be hers because of who her parents are. Two completely different worlds, but if you're asking which is brighter I would say Jackie Evancho's real world because Jackie knows what the opposite of celebrity life is like. For anyone to compare these two based on talent alone is ridiculous. Only one of them has any real talent.


Apples to oranges in so many ways, how can you even compare them given the genre difference and totally different sound. Between the too, Jackie by far. Pop may be more popular but many of Jackies fans are from other genres as well, nothing will stop her success if singing is what she wants. AGT win or not.


There is enough room for both of these young talents who each need to enjoy the innocence of childhood as long as possible without the outside pressure of being better at singing than the next *child that comes along. Stay tuned!!


Because of our cultural differences, I feel that Willow will be more successful in the USA, and Jackie will be more successful World Wide. Speaking of voice and voice control, very few if any pro's can match Jackie.

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