Jackie Evancho: America's Got Talent Winner?

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Sorry, Prince Poppycock. No offense, Michael Grimm. You really are very good, Fighting Gravity.

But last night's America's Got Talent performance show should have proved that Jackie Evancho deserves to the next champion of this reality competition.

The young artist - who describes herself as a "classical crossover singer" and says she could do pop songs, too - put on another incredible performance. We don't understand the words, but we know a once-in-a-generation-talent when we see it. Watch now:

Should Evancho walk away with the title?

It's really down to her and Prince Poppycock. Cast your vote below:
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  • Prince Poppycock


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Michael won because the biggest segment of voters by far are teenage girls. I am sure Jackie got a higher percentage of votes from all other segments. I was surprised Michael made it to the top four, but there is no accounting for teenage girls taste.


Jackie Evancho is a sensational talent, and will be the artist I remember from this season of AGT. Susan Boyle is the artist most people remember from Britain's Got Talent 2009, and no doubt the most successful one. She placed second, too... hmmm. Even a new Mozart would probably not win AGT.


thank you jackie in a time when times are hard and you lose faith something or in your case someone like you comes along and renews are feith I an a retired army vet and have been throu some bad times. But you have renewed my faith you are blessed by God and we are blessed by you I look foward to hear more from you thankyou terry


I could listen to Jackie all day, it's just so incredible for such a young child to sing like that, and with incredible composure. She will continue her path to stardom. She was by far the best talent, however, I did not vote for her. I think too much stardom for a young child is unhealthy for their development. She needs to be a kid with a great talent. Not a 10 year old opera star who is forced into the adult world too soon. That time will come!


Some of you are crazy. I'm sorry, the judges kept telling all the acts they have to one up their last performance. Jackie didn't do anything but stand there and sing. She had no business winning AGT. When she performed next to the REAL opera singer, you couldn't even hear Jackie. She is too young and her voice is not matured. I would NEVER go to a Vega show to see her. What person would want to go and watch a 10 year old sing opera? None that I know of. She is just more proof that America loves privileged blonde little white girls (And I'm white girl). I'm glad she lost. She didn't deserve it.


The show was based on America's vote and Michael won. Jackie is no doubt an undescribable talent, but when America speaks, they speak.


jackie should have won michael is retarded if he thinks he was better than jackie jackie had a louder audience response and a much better singer.


Both are great. But America voted, and Michael Grimm won. What does that mean? That Michael Grimm reaches a larger audience!!!. Jackie is wonderful too, but no matter how much talent she has, she reaches only a limited kind of audience. Congratulations to the winner that was chosen by the American votes!!!


It was a very hard choice to make .Avenco & Grimm..I gave up on the other 2 at the (before last )show .Poppycock looked silly @ the Gravity People ,now that was boring .Grimm won ,good for him .Jackie will became a STAR also (she is one already )Congratulations to both ...


I believe Michael Grimm was better. I was bored out of my mind listening to Jackie. Great voice and all, but I was put to sleep by her singing.