Jackie Evancho: America's Got Talent Winner?

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Sorry, Prince Poppycock. No offense, Michael Grimm. You really are very good, Fighting Gravity.

But last night's America's Got Talent performance show should have proved that Jackie Evancho deserves to the next champion of this reality competition.

The young artist - who describes herself as a "classical crossover singer" and says she could do pop songs, too - put on another incredible performance. We don't understand the words, but we know a once-in-a-generation-talent when we see it. Watch now:

Should Evancho walk away with the title?

It's really down to her and Prince Poppycock. Cast your vote below:
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  • Prince Poppycock


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If anyone noticed this was the first time that AGT announced the winner and said "And the winner is" instead of "America voted and the most votes went to" The couldn't say that because Micheal Grimm did not win the most votes. With that said, I'm very happy Jackie didn't win, her parents are very smart and I gaurentee they got Jackie out of it, she's too young to be held to a contract in Vagas. And the$1M prize over 40 years? please! Jackie made at least that her first CD. She won the most votes I'm sure of it.


I think what she needs is to go in hiding and train properly. Ask any real opera singer and they will say that she still needs to be trained. They could burn her out early and she will end up like a failing star at age 12. She has talent but lacks some skill and experience. Look what happened the Charlotte Church. Where is she now? Sometimes you need to pay your due in order to survive and understand the ups and downs. Best wishes for her and hopes she is not corrupted.


All of us who were stunned by Jackie's 2nd place finish at AGT can rest easy. Her talent and potential have been recognized and rewarded. She recently signed an agreement with SYCO/Columbia Records and she will no doubt receive the best professional voice care and coaching that money can buy. I didn't think Simon Cowell would let her get away. She has been signed to appear in Las Vegas at Caesar's Palace and Mandalay Bay. So much for our concern about whether she would be able to sell her kind of music in Las Vegas. Jackie is living her dream. We can now shift our concern to whether SYCO/Columbia gives her some space to be a child and her dream doesn't turn into a nightmare for her and her family.


Ignorance abounds loudly. For one, most people commenting here show no knowledge of operatic requirements. Igorance. Secondly, Jackie has only sung for two years. She watched Phantom of the Opera and started singing it. There is no "stage mother" involved. Ignorance. Perhaps there are some intelligent entries in a different forum, somewhere...


Jackie Evancho is the most talented and dynamic performer to come along in years (if not decades)! Her loss in the finals was an absolute travesty! Pull your heads out, America!


I agree with Renee. If AGT is really interested in uncovering talent, then limit phone voting to one per caller, give the winner $1M cash and drop the show in Vegas. Stuffing the ballot box isn't fair and, as in Jackie's case, the Vegas show wouldn't work for the reasons Renee mentioned. I'm sure AGT didn't want to exclude her from the competition because they probably felt it would have killed the show's ratings. Did anyone catch Jackie's appearance on The Tonight Show last week? She seemed very comfortable with Leno and his audience, did a little cheer from her school, had Jimmy Smits gushing like Sharon Osborne, nailed her song, had the usual standing ovation and most likely boosted Leno's ratings for one night. Don't worry about Jackie's future. What she did for NBC's ratings over the past few months, she will probably do for PBS in the coming years where her kind of music is appreciated. I hope to see PBS broadcast her appearance at Carnegie Music Hall in December.


What the hell did America expect Jackie to do in order to winstplace, confirm world peace and end global warming?


I too was very surprised at the outcome of this show. I have lived in Tahoe for almost 40 years and have seen acts like the winners numerous times at clubs around the lake. Good lounge acts like the winners are a dime a dozen around here and must say I thought the whole purpose of the show was to find Americas best new act. Based on my experience nothing fresh or particular compelling about another lounge singer that will be quickly forgotten.


AGT never reveals the final vote count and debating talent is a matter of taste. The real test will be to see if we're still hearing Michael's name in the music media a year from now. The exposure he received on AGT should jump-start his career. Jackie will go back to school and continue being a 10 year old girl although she might want to think about re-releasing her sold-out November 2009 CD "Prelude to a Dream." I watched a used copy sell on Ebay today for $375.


Clearly America got it right. Michael's voice is amazing! He sings and you can feel it right through your soul! Jackie is also amazing, they are two different people singing two different types of music. America related to Michael and they know Jackie will have more time in the future! I voted for Michael for 2 hours before I finally got through just 9 minutes before the cut off time. Everyone I knew were on the phones dialing! It is not rigged, America chose Michael and he will not just be a one hit wonder!