Heidi Montag Holds Comically Huge Breasts Tight, Pretends to Experience Wardrobe Malfunction

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Oh, Heidi Montag. We missed you.

This photo spread of the surreality star frolicking in the ocean, wearing next to nothing and clasping her ginormous fake boobs is a throwback to the good ol' days.

Heidi went for a dip in Costa Rica last week and - wouldn't you know it - her bikini simply wasn't strong enough. But, thankfully, she barely staved off disaster!

Crazily, cameras captured the whole thing:

Heidi Gets Ready
Whoa! Never Saw That Coming!
Enormous Fake Boobs
Got 'Em!

Poor Heidi. Can't a girl just go for a swim in peace without paparazzi clamoring for the shot of her two-piece falling off? [Photo: PacificCoastNewsOnline.com]


I like u r brast i kiss u r brast only one time plz


Hi,darling ! I want to kiss your big boobs..... ....Jeevan.


Too bad that the only work that she hasn't had done is a Brain Enhancement. THAT she could really use. Of course I guess she would need a brain in the first place in order to enhance it, wouldn't she? Maybe she could get a brain transplant instead, like from a five-year-old. That would be an huge improvement over what she has at any rate.


she really makes me sick! she so damn fake from head to toe!! like i think she has ADHA!!lmfao


Well, at least she'll never drown. She has built-in buoys.


she's fake don't u know


Here she goes again another PR stunt huh!!!??? Amazingly she looks more normal than with all the shit on her face and I mean makeup!! LMAO


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