Heidi Montag's Boobs: On the Brink of Collapse!

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Spencer Pratt shaved his beard. Might Heidi Montag bid farewell to her gargantuan breast implants next? According to reports, yes - and not necessarily by choice!

According to a hilarious tabloid report, her size G boobs are literally facing collapse. After losing her bikini in the sea, she allegedly made a frantic call to her surgeon.

Someone might want to tell New Weekly that the doctor who crafted those breasts, Dr. Frank Ryan, is dead now. But we give the gossip rag credit for creativity:


Are Heidi Montag's girls going to literally fall out?

Seriously, this is some of the funniest stuff we've seen in awhile. We can understand the sheer weight of those things giving her back problems, but how would they "collapse" and/or "fall apart" exactly? It makes absolutely no sense.

Oh well. We just hope for more staged wardrobe malfunctions going forward.


Heidi if u don't do anything else in life please forgive your mother, you will continue th face these hard times in life until you make this right. We as humans think we can punish our parents but we can't we ca only punish ourselves by not forgiving them. I beg that you let go of any hard feelings and let god solve it.


God just pop those things already so your body will look normal again!! They are not proportioned to your body at all and looks like a fucking blow up doll, do you really want that!!?? What the hell did Spencer and Holllywood do to you? You were really an all natural girl on the Hills. Guess you are easily influenced huh?? So sad...should have listen to your family and friends!


Namaste, Well Heidi of the Alpes wanted to rise high on fame with that boobstunt of her. And ups she goes, flooting all the way to the highest peak of the Alpes. To make a pornshoot. Say hello to everybody for me and don't forget to send a postcard. Cause that's the last thing I will hear from you. Cause you know what they say: "The higher you rise, the harder you fall". Aaaaarhg I'm falling down. And those balloonboobs can't help you girl. Maybe you can break the fall on the way down by putting a needle in it. So that you are blown into a different direction. Pffffffflgrrrrrr........weeeeesh, there goes Heidi. No, I gotta have a heart here. Heidi, my dear sweet girl. You look absolutely amazing with your new chestfriends. Please bring out that sex-tape. Ohm shanti.

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