Happy Anniversary, Khlomar!

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We'll be honest: we're never thought we'd get here.

When Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom first got married, we figured there was a better chance they'd be divorced after one year than still hitched after one year.

But the couple celebrated their anniversary yesterday, an occasion Khloe marked by doing what she does best: blogging.

"A year ago today, I married my best friend. I am so excited to be celebrating our one-year anniversary!!!! I can't believe it has been a year already, it feels like we just got married yesterday, but at the same time I can't believe it has ONLY been a year," she wrote, adding:

"I feel like I truly discovered myself the moment I met Lamar. 365 days have passed since we got married and each and every one of those days my husband has been the first thing I think of when I wake up, and the last thing before I go to sleep. I truly wish this kind of happiness upon everyone, I feel so blessed.

"Happy anniversary to the love of my life!" she concludes. "Thank you for everything you have given me. I love you. I can't wait for our 80th wedding anniversary!!"

In honor of the happy couple, enjoy the following photo montage:

Katch Up!
Mr. and Mrs. Lamar Odom!
OK! Magazine Cover

UGHHHH!!! How gross I have been vomiting for the past hour. The worst thing in the world is to see shrek and miss piggy making out like that. I'm sure Lamars kids - who he didn't even have at his own wedding and hadn't met their new step daddy are happy to see daddy with his gross tongue down his fake wifes throat!


i think thats gross


There's something wonderful about love and happiness, but there are some pictures that we don't have to "see to believe".


Vom! There goes my appetite.


Namaste, Wow, that a lot of fun. Showing of a picture of yourself like that to the whole world. Sell out media-attention Sin City folks is what they are. Shame on you. And may you find out better in the nex life. Ohm shanti.

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