Hailey Glassman Sells Out Jon Gosselin, Says D-Bag Tried to Shake Down Kate

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Jon Gosselin's ex-girlfriend is at it again.

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    Damn if this is true then jon is just as bad as kate maybe even worse....but whos to say that hailey isent just mad and maybe shes getting paid to say that people do it all the time.... I mean jon cheated on her and if it was or is so damn "important" to her than why didnt she say something from the gitgo and why was she with jon for so long and up till he cheated if he is so "horrible" to her? Does anyone besides her have proof of this and she really doesent have proof and if he did like alleged mojority of people know (if they where on a cell) that cell phones have convo record and kate could have recorded it and had all that bs covered...me personally i think the ex is just trying to get attention...but to be honest it could have happened but lets get real she seems to come up wit more bs as soon as her lil fame goes down again bitch get a life.... Stop trying to get famous easy


    If this true, why is Hailey giving this information out now? She should have said something at the time it happened.


    can someone please tell me what Jon does for a living? or did he forgets that he has 10 kids? they eat, they go to school, they wear clothes etc, who pays for his Children´s affair? Kate. so back up guys. coward!


    Hailey, shut up please


    You've heard....."let the dust settle",,,,well, that's part of this. The dust is settling and yes, I believe Hailey. Jon's
    not in the glitzy NY apt w/his big-jock friends hobnobing the
    world. He's in a little apt w/some young know-nothing girl for
    until she catch's on. Kate's got some talent as a writer and some
    dignity as how to present herself in public. She has 8,e-i-g-h-t
    kids! That's a lot of responsibility-not that she can count on Jon!!! He's a dip; thank God the kids have sensible Kate. I like her and she has guts. Go Kate! You deserve whatever desserts that come your way + you are cute too! Hang in!


    Holy shit, he looks worse than ever. Did he eat half of his kids? The only thing that could make him look even worse is if he was wearing an Ed Hardy tee...which he will. He looks like he smells bad.


    yeah.you believe hailey cause you want to make money off this story just like kate and tlc.If you really gave a crap about those kids you'd stop running this BS.You are just as guilty as kate for abusing the kids.Feel good?


    Lets see. We have proof that kate is a famewhore...willing to sell the kids to make money.We have proof of kate beating the kids.We have proof of kate denying Mady a drink of water while she begged for one while kate got a drink for herself.We have proof of the kids begging and pleading to Jon not to make them go back to kate.Yeah ok...kate looses...I do believe kate is the SLEEZE!!!!!!


    Hailey is looking for fame and trying to make money off Jon and his kids.The witch hasent anything to keep her in the spotlight BUT this.Do you think shes a liar? I sure do!!!!


    Stupid people like you believe everything you read.The stroy about Jons pee pee was BS.Go to google and type in tiny p enis and you'll get the picture....It was from 1997...LONG b4 Jon and kate you idiot!

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