Glenn Beck to Jon Stewart: Good Luck!

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Glenn Beck might make Michael Lohan look like a mentally stable individual, but the Fox News host at least understands good public relations.

The conservative commentator made his first statement regarding Jon Stewart's Rally to Restore Sanity this week, likely aware that any negative sentiments would run counter his platform of freedom in America.

Glenn Beck and Jon Stewart: Who will you rally behind?

Referring to his Restoring Honor event August 28, Beck said:

"8/28 was a historic event for a lot of Americans. I hope that Ed Schultz, the AFL-CIO, Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert and whoever else wants to plan a march in DC have the same great success that we had with Restoring Honor."

So far, so good for Stewart and company. While it's silly to base too much on Facebook responses, the Rally to Restore Sanity has received close to 100,000 positive RSVPs on its Facebook page in less than a week.


How can Jon Stewart restore anything to sanity. He doesn`t believe in a power greater than himself.


Why are they making a joke of this? Any president who elects to fight two wars which he doesn't want to pay for and takes a nation from a balanced budget to a record deficit in four years would never have been re-elected by people who care for the nation's health.
The fact that our previous president won his re-election should tell us that either the voters aren't capable of electing their officials or that they want their nation to fail. Glenn Beck has already bought into china, and is banking on the destruction of the american middle class. Their is no reason that this should strike the american people as some sort of joke. Murdoch's campaign on misinforming the american public should not be taken lightly by the nations people nor by the american government,


It scares me how much of the world respects Glenn Beck. Go John Stewart!


Glenn Beck = Crazy, Insane, Fanatical, and Delusional.

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