Glee Britney Spears Episode: Official Review

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If you love Glee and you love Britney Spears, you might have enjoyed the Fox series' tribute to the pop superstar last night. But you also might not have, since there was basically no plot, no attempt at storytelling and generally no point.

While the Britney covers were cool to a point, was this even TV? Or more of a mash-up of music videos, Spears imitations and the occasional, funny one-liner?

Brittany as Britney

Heather Morris (Brittany) as Britney on Glee.

There wasn't even original Glee music, the hallmark of the show, which fans know connects the material to the characters in a very personal way. Not Tuesday.

The numbers were chosen basically because there was a Facebook campaign for a Britney episode and the star's manager lobbied for it. Not exactly organic.

Don't get us wrong, there were plenty of good lines and some of the covers were actually pretty good. But you can't abandon all storytelling like this as a stunt.

Even its previous tribute episodes, in which the show paid homage to Madonna and Lady Gaga, helped advance the plot and actually felt like Glee. It's doable.

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Britney is an awesome singer and performer! You rock AWESOME to a new level. Keep up the good work girl. I like britney and all the music that she has done. She is a POP PRINCESS! Good luck in everything that you do. LOVE YOU!!!


I'm not a fan of Glee but their version of Toxic kicked ass


Heyy xx
Im a really big glee fan i have recorded like every single glee i love the one where the racheal goes out with finn and the glee club teacher was singing and dancing to impress the ginger girl too make her go out with him because she wants to go out with him and he wants to go out with her ... Please if you wanty to contact me send me a something about glee too Thanks From NicoleLovesConner


Best episode everr!!! Heather is amazingly hot and talented. And I agree with Harold. Don't hate jealous freak. And what do you know? gleek rhymes with freak.


Was Brit really on???? It seem as though the cast out-performed Ms.Spears...and it was alot of hype over what in 2 minutes, pleaaaase....So she can take her clothes off on a moments notice, she's been trying to take em off since she was 16...Go ahead Brit head over to know that's what you really want.


I became a glee fan with this episode. I grew up with Britney Spears and love her music. I hate the choices she made which nearly ended her career but that's what happens, we ALL make bad choices at one point or another! Now Heather Morris did an awesome job in this episode. She was incredible and that IS what people should be talking about. This girl is super talented!




I think its terrible that Brittney cant relate to people her own age. To think that she did'nt socialize with anyone is sad. Yeah, I think she is a sad person.


Brittney says she is afraid of meeting strangers on Glee. She knew Heatherr Morris, would be there, who by the way did a execellent job dancing and was very entertaining. No one is talking about that!
Brittney in her day had it going on but she boring. I like her songs and loved the way they lip sanged her music, I thought that was pretty good show. Its not hardly thought provoking just mindless.


people dont watch glee for the story line people! im an avid fan of glee and i watch it every week but i only pay attention when theyre singing or dancing. i loved this episode. especially the ones that Morris (dumb chearleader) did. All the britney haters know nothing about good entertainment. Do you really think Madonna is who she is because right now because of her terrific voice? Britney ruled in her era. What have you got to say for your pitiful achievements? Losers hate successful talented people. Yeah, thats YOU!

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