Friend Speaks on Possible Reconciliation Between Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus

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Miley Cyrus might be dating Douglas Booth.

And Liam Hemsworth is rumored to have cheated on the 17-year old with some blonde named Katy.

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But a friend of the former couple says it doesn't matter: there's still hope for an eventual Miley/Liam reconciliation.

They starred together in The Last Song - but have Miley and Liam shared their last kiss?

"There might be a chance of rekindling their romance in the future. They both are of the mindset that if it's meant to be, it will be," said the cliche-loving pal to The Daily Telegraph.

The same insider dishes on details of the failed relationship, adding:

"Liam was into the relationship a lot more then she was. He liked being exclusive. He was serious about her and wanted to make it work.

"She still has strong feelings for Liam, but she still is very young and currently is career driven. She knows this is her time to shine career-wise and that love will come whenever she wants it. She was a lot busier than he was, and distance also played a role in the break-up."

That's actually true: Miley is currently in Detroit, shooting her most adult role yet for LOL.

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why @CandyFrEaK2100 why dont you look around the steert and see how much people dont wear seat belt .. she probably forgotten and please , did u remember everytime ?-.-u are sick (: leave her alone , she's just a normal person .. she forgets these stuff like we all do .. dont watch if u're a hater (;


Whats wrong with the picture is Mileys mouth... there is something definately wrong with her gums, or teeth or moutgh she just doesnt look... ryt/normal


I Like Miley she's great, and she and Liam accted together, like a lot of celebs they make the mistake to think it can work in the real world, there's a big defference being together in a movie and being together in real life.


This publicity romance was over before the editing was left on the cutting room floor.


i think miley is a hole


i dont like the new guy miley is rumored to be dating...i rather liam.


there is something so gross about this picture..i dont know why but it bothers me..ew


@rjclark260: if u dont care anymore, than dont waste ur time commenting on the post


@rjclark260: Speak 4 yourself...Especially when you are calling Miley names she definitely does NOT deserve...
By The Way---I Happen To Care A Great Deal. So your theory---Sucks...
Later; Hollywood---out...