Fernando Flores Declares: I'm Doing What's Right!

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Britney Spears says he's just after money and fame, while public opinion doesn't appear to be on his side.

But Fernando Flores doesn't care.

Bang a Gong, Get it On

The former bodyguard who has sued the pop star for harassment and abuse is standing by his story. In a video posted on TMZ, Flores he is "standing up for what I believe is right."

Standing outside his attorney's office in Orange County, Flores shrugged off Britney's response to his claims and said to her camp: "If that's what they think, then that's what they think."

He also said he's praying for the singer. Watch the video now at TMZ.


Pathetic. He should pray for himself. You can't make cash off of the back of the humiliation of a mentally unwell person and not have it bite your ass.


It's sooooo sad when people are like him..
He only wants fame, and anyone who can not see that, need glasses!


i don't he just want money and her down again


I actually believe this guy and here is why: 1) With the exception of Justin Timberfake, Britney has only dated men that were employed by her.
2) Spears has a history of doing some pretty insane things and I wouldn't put it past her to dance around her house in front of everybody butt naked.
3) Britney has gotten anything that she has wanted for her entire professional life (which is most of her life) and Fernando was probably the only guy to ever say no to her advancements (Personally, I wouldn't but that's just me). Spears has a lot of fans and they are obviously going to be delusional to the truth and support her no matter what happens (just like Wacko Jacko's weirdo fans). So i think that this will come down to some sort of a payout in the end but I wouldn't be surprised to see other men come out of the woodwork.


Fernado, get a grip on life ...........your parents must me so disapointed in you, Yeah ??? Are you seriously trying to sue Britney for what I'm to embarased to to even type. So let me get this right...You are scared over the two weeks you worked for her.....how do you ever wipe your arse and not call your lawyer to try and claim........... U R A JOKE MATE, you've had your 15 minutes of fame so well done, so now go back under that stone xx Ferndo, just before you get settled under that stone, now the whole world knows, your a pathetic chancer and at such a young age with his whole world in front of him.......Your parents must be devistated that they created such a waste of skin as you..... Sorry that must seem harsh but you really are a twat...good luck though in court, you have a rock solid case that judge Judy would struggle with So Proud Fernando ? Guess not..........

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