Fergie vs. Jennifer Lopez vs. Kim Kardashian: Who Would You Rather...

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One is a pop star rumored to be performing at Super Bowl XLV. Another is a new American Idol judge. The third is... a professional celebrity.

But Fergie, Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian were all ready for some football late night, as they attended the Miami Dolphies home-opener. Fergie performed the national anthem with Marc Anthony; Lopez actually has a minority stake in the team; and Kim was likely patrolling the locker room for a new man.

The Dolphins lost 31-23 to the Jets, a result that got us thinking: which of these women would you most wanna see lose... her clothing?!?

Fergie, Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian

Fergie, J. Lo or Kim: Who would you rather...

Check out a few more shots of Fergie below, as she sings on the field and poses off of it:
Being Fergielicious
Marc and Hot Women
Fergie and Marc Anthony

Do you mean Jenny McCarthy?? Sure she did playboy and so did a bunch of other girls. But with Jenny, she has a son now and is totally different from her days being on MTV and sticking her stupid tongue out. I am not judging Kim for ONLY posing for playboy it is all the other stuff that I do not agree with. And FYI am not being mean, it is called being honest and honesty is the best policy...


ok monkey jenny mccorey did playboy to so that me she's a skank and she dated guys to so there


you know what i just fucking asking god i know why she is open she was at the miami game this weekend and they said she might be there for s guy so i was just fucking asking don't have to be mean?


WTF Sara??!! We have all told you why Kim IS a skank and you can find out for yourself. But sounds like you don't want to acknowledge anything negative about her so you can keep that person in your head cuz she doesn't exsist! Open your eyes lady!!


why are yall keep saying kim is a skank


Jennifer is the oldest and the prettiest from the three of them, she`s a natural beauty.On the other hand her husband really is a good singer


Anyone in the world but a kardashian skank


i reather kim kardashian because she would be fun to hang out


i wounder if they setting kim up with one of the football player

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