Fergie vs. Jennifer Lopez vs. Kim Kardashian: Who Would You Rather...

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One is a pop star rumored to be performing at Super Bowl XLV. Another is a new American Idol judge. The third is... a professional celebrity.

But Fergie, Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian were all ready for some football late night, as they attended the Miami Dolphies home-opener. Fergie performed the national anthem with Marc Anthony; Lopez actually has a minority stake in the team; and Kim was likely patrolling the locker room for a new man.

The Dolphins lost 31-23 to the Jets, a result that got us thinking: which of these women would you most wanna see lose... her clothing?!?

Fergie, Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian

Fergie, J. Lo or Kim: Who would you rather...

Check out a few more shots of Fergie below, as she sings on the field and poses off of it:
Being Fergielicious
Marc and Hot Women
Fergie and Marc Anthony

I prefer JLO because it's my favorite singer.
I like Fergie but I hate Kim K.!!!


kim es la mas bonita


I wish i could lick sarah palin's sweet pussy and her asshole. Fuck i love that bitch.


I want to fuck Sarah Palin. Just bend her over and fuck the shit out of her. She is such a fucking whore.


Sarah Palin is the hottest thing ever. Those hollywood bimbos has got nothing on her. She radiates sex. If I need to wank just a picture of her hot pretty face is more than enough for me. I love that woman!


Sarah Palin is one hell of a hot MILF. Her biz outfit is just super sexy. I have recently noticed her boobs are getting bigger. Just the way I like it...yummy.


Yeah I agree. Sarah Palin is a cock teaser. Everytime I see her I get a hard on. Her pretty ass of hers deserves to be in white house. She is a presidential pussy.


J Lo has got an all time favorite ass. Fergie and Kim has got nice ass but it cant compare with J Lo. Their ass cant even compare with Sarah Palin's ass. Do you notice Sarah has hot an amazing sweet ass ? She is also one hottie babe. I hope she becomes a president and see her every time. Politics is boring any way. Oh Sarah Palin is my sex symbol. Her lips, eyes, slutty face, eye glass and those pretty tits of Sarah Palin make my dick so hard. Sarah Palin for president!


fergie es buena onda pero esa lopez es una estupida jajajaja todas las que quieren a lopez son estupidas como ella jajajajajajajajajajaja. adios estupidas.ja jajajajajajaja


to monkey i know its hard for me to relaize what kim is i liked her i got her prefume and dvds and posters well i can throw them out i liked her until she did the botox i don't believe in that stuff i do like lc i love her she's my role model i just like the kardashian show and now i saw a picture of her at the miami game withjlo i wounder she's dating a football i wish she go back with miles to get them in super bowl like the saints.

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