Father of Oksana Grigorieva Alleges: Mel Gibson Got with Prostitues, Struck Little Boy

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The father of Oksana Grigorieva has doused the flammable situation between his daughter and Mel Gibson with a giant vat of gasoline.

An already contentious feud - the latest in a very long line of offenses, accusations and legal claims finds Oksana asking for a lot more child support from Mel - has now grown uglier, as Petr Chernukha says the actor often frequented prostitutes while dating his daughter, and also hit the singer's 12-year old son.

Mel Lays Low

Mel Gibson can't hide from his demons or the allegations surrounding them, the latest of which center around hooker infidelity.

"[Friends] brought prostitutes for Mel to his office and even to their house when Oksana was away," Chernukha tells The Sun. "Mel was openly jealous of Oksana's attention to her son. He hated Alexander and even hit him once. After that Oksana did her best to avoid them being together."

Oksana's dad also reiterated the charge that Gibson shoved Grigorieva as she was holding the pair's 10-month old daughter, and threw a chair through a glass door.

This is not the first time Mel has been accused of hitting the 12-year old Oksana had with actor Timothy Dalton. We're probably not going out a limb, either, by saying this isn't the last time we'll be writing about Gibson's legal battles with his baby mama.


Hmmm..... Sure he hit the kid - just like he threw the kid onto a glass table in front of witnesses - or hit his own son in front of thousands of witnesses at a Laker's game...... Strange, no one is coming forward.... Ox is a liar and just needs to face the fact that she was one of several whores and nothing else.


You moronic Mel fans are in so much denial you can't admit to yourselves even for one second what a vicious pr/ck Mel comes off as on the tapes. He lived up to everyone's worst suspicions about him. He's a racist pig and Oksana voluntarily had sex with the racist pig, knowing full well what a POS, racist pig he was, and that he could easily take a swing at the kid and Dalton is the passive POS who is defending her instead of protecting his son. Mel fans have no idea how utterly stupid they sound to everyone else. In other words Oksana is a piece of crap precisely BECAUSE she slept with a crazy POS like Mel. Then dragged the poor children in to suffer the consequences.


What else is the father going to say ? That my daughter is a lying slut who is out for Mel's money ?


This is just a bunch of bs. Mel obviously dosen't care. So what if he had s come in? It said right here that his friends brought them to his office and/or house. Oskana needs to tell the truth and s does that idiot ass dad.


That should have read-
I believe Mel hit the boy and Timothy Dalton is obviously a weak father for not rescuing him and *letting* him stay with that nutter of a mother.


So what if he brought prostitutes over? She knew by his rep that he wasn't monogamous. At HER age she knew that wouldn't change. I believe Mel hit the boy and Timothy Dalton is obviously a weak father for not rescuing him and him stay with that nutter of a mother. It doesn't seem to bother her old man that his daughter was living with a bigoted rageoholic. Nothing like setting standards for your children. Every parent here is a waste.


I guess Mel has to be more careful about who he is whoring around with?! It's funny that my girlfriends used to idolize him as their dream man!... didn't he hook up with Oksana before he got divorced from the mother of his half dozen kids?! Tsk, tsk!!


i would not believe her father - how much of the money would he get from what Mel might have to pay her???? Mel is not prize but she's a gold digger and now gotten her dad into it / Dalton ought to take his son if he thinks this is true / i might believe the boy or his day but not her dad


the father is a idiot and he is lying........friends that were there at the time when Mel was suppose to be hitting the boy, said Mel and the boy were playing and the boy went to knock ashes off Mel's cigarette and fell against the coffee table. The father also claimed that there are rats running around Mel's mansion where the baby is. Mel and Oksana did not live together, so if he went out with others, so what he was single.Oksana got pregnant to hold onto Mel, or more so his money, and its back firing. All her relatives dont mind living there off Mel, as he is paying for everything, that includes Tim Dalton's son. The people who comment on TMZ are very intelligent and have investigated a lot of Oksana and her past and it isnt pretty.Go and read some of it.

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