Farrah Abraham: A Pregnant Teen Mom Again?

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Farrah Abraham was 16 and Pregnant. Now, is she about to be a Teen Mom ... again!?

That's the rumor going around after she was seen at a modeling gig the weekend of September 18 in Council Bluffs, Iowa, sporting what some in the audience called a burgeoning belly - a clearly-defined baby bump beneath a slinky-blue dress.

Farrah Abraham Pregnant?

If she were pregnant, who's the father? Derek Underwood, her daughter's dad, was tragically killed in a car accident, leaving Farrah broke for a significant time.

Insiders say there has recently been talk around her hometown that the youngster's wardrobe choices suggest that she's expecting again. Says one observer:

“She looks much rounder in the belly and has been staying in more. When she does leave the house, she’s in baggy clothing, like she’s trying not to show her stomach. That’s not like her at all - she’s normally so proud of her figure.”

Of course, it could just be the cooler, early fall climate. Just saying.

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I have a baby bump, and I'm not even pregnant. Get over it.


Also to Nichole Boutlas
Uhh.. Well i have 3 kids an they were born in my teenage years I also married their father... I didnt screw my life up! I take care of my kids everyday! We aren't struggling to live or on welfare or anything like that.. I am proud of her that she graduated high school an is going to culinary school... If anything i think having kids young helps you grow up more and realize how stupid everyone else is. And if she is pregnant whats it to you??? Your not helping her raise her kids?? Just sayin...


If she's not pregnant she had better see her OB/GYN pretty quick. Something's going on with her abdomen that's not right. From the waist down, she looks like my seventy-year-old Aunt Faye. A dress like that needs a serious foundation garment to carry it off.


Well you know all teen mom's have sex and didn't know if their pregnat my two sister's had to boy's and there a mess i dont have any children yet iam only 16


Who cares if she is pregnant and isnt a good mom? She is a better mom then what some people are. At least she doesnt lock Sophia in the closet, or keep weed in the house for her to eat. She graduated college, and thats alot more then what other teens can say. You shouldnt judge people by what you see on tv, people should spend more time on thier lives, rather then bashing on a teenaged mom. Hell, look at all the white trash and black people that keep popping out kids, and live off the government.


Who in the h---- is she and why do we care??


WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Does she really need anymore problems in her life??


I haven't read about her until now. And from what I've read, she might be pregnant. And if that's the case, who's the father? Does she like being a teen mother? Didn't she think the first time it happened that her life as she knew it would drastically change? No going to the proms or going out with friends...nothing. What was she thinking when it happened the first time having a baby and all? I don't feel bad for her because she's the one who screwed up and became a teen mother...and for the next twenty years, she will be taking care of those kids she has...and it will be expensive...good luck kiddo....you just screwed your teenage years up...


Beverly: Sweetie, did no one ever tell you typing in all caps is "screaming"? Lack of manners on your part? Too bad. Stay in school, learn some english and then make comments. If this young lady is pregnant again, too bad: worse things could happen. Hope she gets help with this one too. At any rate, it's news and it's going to get printed. Let her live her life ..... not our to judge.


Farrah does have ALOT of issues as a mother.. but hello! look at her parents! Do you seriously expect her to know what to do if she was raised by the nuts she has as parents? I've seen worse parents than her.. Teen Mom makes her look like a bad mother but have you not see Amber and Gary? What kind of mother is Amber? This just goes to show that babies should not be having babies...