Farrah Abraham: A Pregnant Teen Mom Again?

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Farrah Abraham was 16 and Pregnant. Now, is she about to be a Teen Mom ... again!?

That's the rumor going around after she was seen at a modeling gig the weekend of September 18 in Council Bluffs, Iowa, sporting what some in the audience called a burgeoning belly - a clearly-defined baby bump beneath a slinky-blue dress.

Farrah Abraham Pregnant?

If she were pregnant, who's the father? Derek Underwood, her daughter's dad, was tragically killed in a car accident, leaving Farrah broke for a significant time.

Insiders say there has recently been talk around her hometown that the youngster's wardrobe choices suggest that she's expecting again. Says one observer:

“She looks much rounder in the belly and has been staying in more. When she does leave the house, she’s in baggy clothing, like she’s trying not to show her stomach. That’s not like her at all - she’s normally so proud of her figure.”

Of course, it could just be the cooler, early fall climate. Just saying.

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ciao comunque sono una grande fan e mi piace tanto sophia


i know farrah from high school..she use to be cool, but after 16 and pregnant she became a bitch. she no joke tells people she is a star! star my ass..you got knocked up at 16 and appeared on a show...woopdi doo...you a star for being a whore. i know from high school parties this girl sleeps around like no other, and she also has a smelly vag..lol..we were in my car one hot day going to the store to get some food for a party and it smells rotten down there...just sayin


Hey, MY dad had a baby and we did not know. It wus sad when my dad said that to us. And on top of that he had her name tatto on him. He said that he was goin 2 put true life but he lie to my mama. He said he wus goin 2 married her and him and my mama wus all ready married. They wus high school sweet heart. He said he want 2 be wit her. And he said he love her. God bless to all those single parents i no how it is.


farrah is not a bad mom AMBERS A BAD MOM!! punches her babys daddy and then walks out to go party and drink


i think wat sum of yall wrote is just stupid i am a teen mom i had my baby at 16 and i did it all on my own with my mom help. I think all of da moms r doing there best but amber, i feel amber is just got problems. N farrah wat da fuck cant yall c if i was her mom i would slap da shut out of her she soo disrespectful ppl think her mom is wrong but hell naw farrah is wrong. She think da world is about her. N i think macy is da best n prettiest mom out of them all,i dnt have anything bad 2 say bout dat girl


I watched the second season just a couple of days ago, and, in my opinion, Maci is the best out of all of the mothers on Teen Mom. Maybe Farrah just gained a little bit of weight. But her arms aren't really that chunky. Weird...


I have watched 16 and pregnant and teen mom from day one. Farrah is not the best mother. After having a child of my own and realizing how hard it is to do it alone I realize she's doing the best she can. And to Sydney, not all black people are on welfare. Not all black people live off the state. I happen to be a black person that gets assistance from the government in the form of child care assistance and food stamps. I also work my ass off everyday to care for my child. So until you've been in the position of struggling to make it, I suggest you keep your mouth shut.


geez pretty hair...lol NOT!!




ok this is funny as hell, so me & farrah used to be bestfriends before she got on tv, and when i stayed the night at her house she told me her secret that she wheres pull-ups to bed! ya know the diapers for big kids that wet the bed, i was crackin up. no lie swear to God.