Farrah Abraham: No Longer a Broke Teen Mom

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Farrah Abraham has grown up awfully fast.

Forced to endure a tragedy and financial strife at young age, the Teen Mom star was left devastated by the death of her baby's father - and nearly broke.

With only $100 to her name, Farrah Abraham knew she had to overcome her struggles and work hard to support her baby girl, Sophia, at the age of 19.

BROKE AND STRUGGLING: How did Farrah turn it around?

“Farrah worked extra to keep everything paid for,” her BFF Kristina Lee said, noting that with her incredible drive and work ethic, “She just got it done.”

“Through every mistake she learns from it and moves on, which is what she’s trying to do," Lee adds of her friend. “It’s hard, but she’s very capable.”

These Teen Mom stars have had it rough, but are showing perseverance. With the help of Kyle King, Maci Bookout is turning things around as well.


i think its sad that it had to come down to this for Farrah but at least now she puts her baby first before partying and a social life she is a mom before a teenager it was wrong for her to treat her parents the way she did they her parents they were just doing what she didnt do taking care of her baby if she didnt like the way they were then maybe she should have gotten a night job instead of partying she would still going to be coming home at 2 am but it would have been for a reason instead of a selfish brat.by the way they r her parent they r suppose to be in her business at her at least till she moved out.if people like that dont like it then move out(if u are "Grown")


I feel sorry for Farrah. Her mom is crazy and deserved to be cut off from her grandchild.
Maci needs to stay out of her ex's life. too many of these women "disapprove" of the men's life but the men never know what is going on in the woman's life because she doesn't have to let him know.
Amber is the one that has worked my nerves this year. She thinks everything has to revolve around her.
Katelynn and Tyler mtv needs to pay for their wedding.


to Jayme i have walk more then a mile have you i know what struggling is she had parent help her, so she didn't struggling to much, she still partying,like JACQUI Says when you have 5 kids like her then you can talk about struggling, and yes she doing a great job now, i won'ttake that away from her,but i still say she treat her parent bad, i think she need to make peace with her parent,it don't matter who was wrong you don't get but MOM, when she gone that it


Yeah, that girl said mean things to her mother, but as the story goes her mother was also a drama queen. Her parents kept her from telling the boy she had been dating that he was going to be a dad, the kid DIED and that girl had a lot going on and if I recall she took labor like a champ and when her mother HIT HER IN THE FACE she took care of her child like a woman, moved out of the house, took extra hours at work, and still spent as much time as she could with her child, so yeah she cursed her parents, most teens do, but most teens dont go what she went through either so you cant judge someone till youve walked a mile in their shoes.


to joan11: the show is called Teen Mom for a reason. these are children doing adult activities and paying for their actions. although it is wrong to disrespect your parents, a child will do what they are allowed to do. farrahs mom let her do whatever she wanted and that is why she gets no respect from her daughter. as far as farrah, I think she is doing a great job as a parent. she wised up since the first season and is actually puttin her daughter first, so kudos


Farrah's was very nasty to her parent, when she was living with them she treat her parent like dirt, that while she having a hard time, she hit her mother first,the Bible said honor your mother and father and your day will be long , will she didn't, she got scram for $3000.00 dollar,that what happen when you treat your parent bad, I'll never curse my parent the way Farrah curse her mother, I feel for that beautiful Baby Sophia


Don't complain that you are struggling with 5 kids at 23, you brought that on yourself.


eww. 23 and five kids? FIVE



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Farrah Abraham is the star of Teen Mom and the mother of Sophia Laurent Abraham. Sophia's father (Derek Underwood) was killed in a car... More »
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