Farrah Abraham: No Longer a Broke Teen Mom

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Farrah Abraham has grown up awfully fast.

Forced to endure a tragedy and financial strife at young age, the Teen Mom star was left devastated by the death of her baby's father - and nearly broke.

With only $100 to her name, Farrah Abraham knew she had to overcome her struggles and work hard to support her baby girl, Sophia, at the age of 19.

BROKE AND STRUGGLING: How did Farrah turn it around?

“Farrah worked extra to keep everything paid for,” her BFF Kristina Lee said, noting that with her incredible drive and work ethic, “She just got it done.”

“Through every mistake she learns from it and moves on, which is what she’s trying to do," Lee adds of her friend. “It’s hard, but she’s very capable.”

These Teen Mom stars have had it rough, but are showing perseverance. With the help of Kyle King, Maci Bookout is turning things around as well.


Tyler and Caitlin are the ONLY ones on that show with any sense of reality. All those babies should have been given up for adoption. Single mother's are the most selfish people!


I LOVE FARRAH and MACI, CATELYNN and TYLER !! Farrah, keep being the strong person that you are, things will get better. I wish you the best for you and sophia and the relationship with your mom. Maci, do what you think is best for you and Bentley, no matter the outcome, as long as you two are happy. Catelynn and Tyler, i think yall are the cutest couple ever, baby carly would be so proud. Amber and Gary, SPLIT UP ALREADY, FOR GOOD!! YOUR RUINING YOUR CHILDS LIFE BY SCREAMING AND YELLING AT EACH OTHER EVERYDAY, ITS NOT GONNA WORK OUT, SO YA MIGHT AS WELL END IT NOW.


@ DDnDsMom,,,, You Took The Words Right Out Of My Mouth!!!


I hate that damn Farrah. She is an ungrateful bitch. If I was her parent, I would kick her mean ass to the curb and never look back.


Amber&Gary If what we see is factual,the two of you are harmful to your own child,where is DFCS? Vulgar abusive nasty impatience is no way to treat your child. Both of you play woe is me victimhood exposing yourselves to be dumb,self centered and foul excrement.


Farrah's parents should not offer or provide one cent of support to ungrateful,odious,toxic and selfish Farrah the minute Farrah begins to draw monthly SSI death survivor benefits for her daughter,the SSI will continue until the child reaches 18.Farrah is a waste of air.


my impression of farrah is she's a spoiled brat and just demands things go her way or she makes sure she's a jerk the whole time also she's a major drama queen, example her parents car broke down on her bday and all she did was be an ass about it and blamed it on the parents rather than say gee dad i hope it's not too bad or what bad luck u turned into an instant bitch and rude to them the whole time u were at the zoo. and also be thankful you have a house from your parents to use. they've given u too much and if it was me i would let u go without


Hi, Amanda i'm so glad that someone feel the way i do about farrah she don't respect other i couldn't believe ask the mover to take off there shoes that was so rule of her,i still say she need to put the drama aside and make peace with her parent, no matter who was wrong,i'll give anything to have my mom,i never talk back to my mom, i just walk away and say thing to myself,


Farrah while forced to grow up hasn't really grown up. She is taking care of Sophia now because she is forced to. I think she is very disrespectful to her parents she is a know it all whens he actually knows nothing. She was not responsiable in the beginning her mom was always the one caring for Sophia and she would have the nerve to tell her mom not to come in the morning and wake her up. Sophia would be in the crib crying and Farrah would just lay there. She is irresponsiable and she needs to get her act together or if I was her mom I'd call DSS


to faatim03, i know what show call, Farrah is the child, her mom didn't tell to get pregnant her parent support her and her Baby, so who deserve respect, like I said it don't matter who was wrong are right, you only have one MOM once she gone that it, if GOD can forgive us while can't we do the same, life is to short to keep carrying bad feeling toward each other,yes she doing a good job i give all the respect in the world she have made a great change in her life, she is a beautiful young lady, and that BABY she is so beautiful, all i'm saying is make peace with her MOM and DAD, put all that drama behind, and move forward,

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Farrah Abraham is the star of Teen Mom and the mother of Sophia Laurent Abraham. Sophia's father (Derek Underwood) was killed in a car... More »
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I think having a TV show that shows your personality and your intimate life, you know, showing your best friend, and then showing having sex ... to me it's kind of the same thing because both things are intimate.

[On her DUI arrest] I did not endanger anyone's life.