Farrah Abraham: No Longer a Broke Teen Mom

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Farrah Abraham has grown up awfully fast.

Forced to endure a tragedy and financial strife at young age, the Teen Mom star was left devastated by the death of her baby's father - and nearly broke.

With only $100 to her name, Farrah Abraham knew she had to overcome her struggles and work hard to support her baby girl, Sophia, at the age of 19.

BROKE AND STRUGGLING: How did Farrah turn it around?

“Farrah worked extra to keep everything paid for,” her BFF Kristina Lee said, noting that with her incredible drive and work ethic, “She just got it done.”

“Through every mistake she learns from it and moves on, which is what she’s trying to do," Lee adds of her friend. “It’s hard, but she’s very capable.”

These Teen Mom stars have had it rough, but are showing perseverance. With the help of Kyle King, Maci Bookout is turning things around as well.


The earlier posts said Farrah's baby's father couldn't fill out paper work or sign the birth certificate because he had already passed away. That's not true. When Farrah was on 16 and Pregnant, she and her mother purposely didn't tell the guy he was the father. He was still alive then. They were having a disagreement at the time and weren't speaking to each other. He found out about the baby after seeing the show. He died recently after. That's the reason why she feels so guilty and hurt more than she should about his death.


Amber is kinda...Really angry, isn't she? I'm watching the episode that Gary takes Leah and Amber freaks and kicks him out. I was shocked when she hit him over and over, and screamed at him. I was a little scared for Leah... I'm glad Gary took her for the night.


i didnt like farrah at first thinking spoiled brat. i dont believe we know the full story of farrahs life before the show. now that she is out from under her mother, of course she will make mistakes being a young mother out on ehr own for the first time. but evey week she is learning to be a good mother and take care of herself and sophia. she is trying very hard to do whats right. sophias father could not have signed her birth certificate. he was already gone. no one is a perfect mother first time around no matter how old you are. give the girl some credit for trying to hard to change, i dont think living with debra would be an easy thing to do


I noticed one of the posts was saying how selfish Farrah was for not putting the daddy's name on the birth certificate. In Iowa, you are no longer able to "fill in" the father's name if you are not married to him. The father has to fill out papers and get his name added. Since he had passed away, that was impossible


Maci cheated on Ryan with Kyle when Bentley was 4 months old. No wonder why he is always pissed off


Maci is awesome with Bentley. To patient with Ryan though. Catelynn and Tyler are doing the right thing. Give them credit for trying to get their life together.Farrah is a spoiled brat. She thinks everyone owes her, but I guess if her parents would have been more straight up with her she wouldn't be like she is today. As for Amber and Gary, she needs to get help and Gary needs to keep Leah with him until Amber gets help with her anger problem.


I think Maci is the best mom on the show. I get it to all these girls for keeping their babies and no depending on everyone else to take care of them. Now, they all have their own places. Don't judge untill you walk in their shoes. Of course they are going to be selfish they are teenagers having babies and have no clue what they are doing. I think they are all trying to better themselves to take care of their children. I feel for Caitlyn and Tyler. Giving their little girl up must have been on of the most diffcult things they have had to do. I cannot tell they would have loved to keep her but thought about her. Caitlyn's mom is crazy and Caitlyn does need to get away from her.


I love reading all of the ignorant comments some have left. First off its called Teen Mom! These girls are all teenagers so they do not always think the way most adults do. Give them a break...atleast they are trying and not just throwing their kid off on someone and never taking care of them. Although I do think Amber and Gary should NOT be together..a child should never ever be around fighting like that. Everyone wants to dog out Farrah for the way she treats/talks to her mom...thats her moms fault bc obviously she has let her do before! My mama wouldve beat my butt if I ever talked to her like that but Ive seen plenty of people act that way towards their parents because they have never been taught not to. So really who is to blame!?!


i think that farrah is immature and deffinitely a spoiled brat.i remember that when teen mom first came on farrah had said she didnt want baby sophia to have to do with her dad because he wasnt a good person,,but now that she cud get social security out of the government after his death she is saying that he was truly a wonderful person.wtf dude get your stories straight.im a single mother myself and i truly believe farrah isnt fit to be one.she has a lot to learn in order to be a good mom.


WOW- sme of these comments are pretty foul. @ Elizabeth on the top... "Single mothers are the most selfish people." You are without a shred of doubt one of the most ignorant human beings I have ever had the displeasure of being exposed too on this Earth. How do you manage to tie your own shoelaces is beyond me. How old are you 10? Grow up. For all of you spewing your toxic venom about these teen moms and their short-comings as parents and human beings... people who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. Yes, there are some things that I as a parent wouldn't do. However, you never know what it is like to walk in anothers shoes and those kids ALL have a heavy load to bare. From the ignorant comments some of you have made I doubt you would even come close to handling the load these kids have. Get off your high horses...if you don't someone or some thing will knock your asses down quickly. Karma sucks people. Did any of your parents teach you any manners? R.A.D.!

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