Farrah Abraham: No Longer a Broke Teen Mom

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Farrah Abraham has grown up awfully fast.

Forced to endure a tragedy and financial strife at young age, the Teen Mom star was left devastated by the death of her baby's father - and nearly broke.

With only $100 to her name, Farrah Abraham knew she had to overcome her struggles and work hard to support her baby girl, Sophia, at the age of 19.

BROKE AND STRUGGLING: How did Farrah turn it around?

“Farrah worked extra to keep everything paid for,” her BFF Kristina Lee said, noting that with her incredible drive and work ethic, “She just got it done.”

“Through every mistake she learns from it and moves on, which is what she’s trying to do," Lee adds of her friend. “It’s hard, but she’s very capable.”

These Teen Mom stars have had it rough, but are showing perseverance. With the help of Kyle King, Maci Bookout is turning things around as well.


I agree that Farrah from teen mom is a bitch. She ALWAYS has an attitude with her parents. They cant even ask her a simple question or say one word to her when she's already rolling her fucking eyes or answering back with an attitude. They still help her out so much and she doesn't even appreciate them. She calls her dad by his first name?? wtf. you're a mother already, grow up! I hope your kid treats you the same way when she grows up!


The way she treated that adam, the way she rolls her eyes 100% bitch who will only find a guy with hopes of riding her coat tails onto TV. Her dad is nice but treats him horribly. In one episode even the college people said she was a rude bitch.Wanna see your future look at your mom.


I, too, was a teen mom, and after 16 yrs I'm still with my children's father. We struggled, and it was VERY hard. What makes me sick, disgusted to the core, is how Farrah calls her father "Michael," and says she's 'struggling!' If her parents would cut the apron strings, take away all of their financial support, stop dropping everything when she whines, then yes, she might actually 'struggle' a bit. It is disgusting that she thinks the world revolves around her, and


I totally agree with Anne...Farrah is a disrespectful BITCH! So self centered, spoiled, and disrespectful! She wants to make all her own choices, but her choices are wrong. She deserves failure, but her child does not. Grow up, and get a little gratitude for the love and concern your parents are still willing to give you...Brat!!!


Okay, is it just me or in Farrah's season of 16 and pregnant she totally hates her kids dad and just complains about him and says bad things about him the whole episode, and all she wants to do is go have fun with friends and date other guys. Then he dies and she magically is still in love with him, and blames all her problems on the fact that she was still in love with him but didn't get the chance to be with her soul mate.... I think she is just saying it for more attention because we all know she thinks she is the center of the universe!!


i think its funny how they say their broke but ib fact it was revealed in ambers court case that she earns 140,000 each six month contract.so im assuming the others would get around the same definatly not broke..they just have to appear it on tv but in fact they do have plenty of money!!!


Farrahs a dumb bitch
Macis a good mom but needs to let Ryan see his kid
Amber is a great mom people should realize that
Catylns gone thru alot and is a real strong person
Again Farrahs a selfish spoiled bitch


What I don't understand is, Farrah is a mother herself. It is only natural for a mother to worry about their child. Farrah's mom tries so hard to help her and that baby; because she LOVES THEM. but yet she's completely ungrateful for everything. I can't believe she packed up and moved across the country taking that baby away from her grandparents. I guess that's the way you act when you are given everything you want your entire life. She's a spoiled little bitch, and if I were her mother, I would have slapped the shit out of her the first time she tried talking to me the way she does her mom. I hope that she reads things people say about her and maybe get it through her head that she needs to a better attitude or everyone that cares about her will leave her.


Farrah is shallow, superficial and self-obsessed. Im fed up with these girls whingeing how hard their life is. My friend was widowed in her early 20s and left with three small children to support. She had to work full-time, rely on childcare plus run a home and take care of her lovely children. She doesnt live in a luxury apartment, have plastic surgery, take trips and vacations or drive a new car or enjoy spa days, meals in fancy restuarants. Her parents and parents-inlaw work so there is a limit to how much hands-on support they can offer, but they do their best to offer emotional and mental support and love. Farrah and other team moms get over your inflated opinions of yourselves. You all have active grandparents in your childrens lives and enjoy lifestyles on the rich and famous enjoy. Enjoy it while it lasts and be grateful for the publicity mtv has given you.


What is wrong with this chick Farrah? Disrespectful to everyone, not just her mother. And why... WHY would you get a puppy, know nothing about how to train or take care of a puppy. Hold the poor thing over the toilet and tell it to go to the bathroom. I am certainly sure she doesn't read these posts... but if she did... I would say seek help for the smug attitude and try growing up a little. You think life is difficult now, just wait til that attitude catches up with you.

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Farrah Abraham is the star of Teen Mom and the mother of Sophia Laurent Abraham. Sophia's father (Derek Underwood) was killed in a car... More »
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