Emma Watson Accuses Twilight Saga of "Selling Sex"

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Look out, folks. It might be on between Harry Potter and the Twilight Saga!

In a recent interview with the British version of OK! Magazine, Emma Watson talks up Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, which comes out on November 19. Specifically, she's asked about a romantic moment between Hermione and Ron and responds:


"This kiss between Hermione and Ron is highly anticipated, it's been building up for eight films now. And Harry Potter is not Twilight, you know; we're not selling sex."

Snaps, yo! Did Watson just imply that the Harry Potter franchise offers in-depth character analysis and storytelling, while Twilight just relies on the hot bodies of Taylor Lautner and company, while teasing the sexual tension between Edward and Bella?

You tell us: Which is your favorite movie franchise?

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Seriously guys there just movies and if anything the reason Emma made the remark was for publicity for Harry Potter.


WTF!!!!!! hell no
twiligth does not sell sex!!!!! wat about u watson ur pictures arent too good either twilight


Emma is on the money with her opinion on Twilight. Let's face it... Twilight is basically a "saga" about a girl (Bella) that wants to have sex with either a vampire or a wolfboy. So the story is really about trying to decide which one of those two freaks gets to score with lil' old Bella. This is the reason 40 year old cougars and tweens are all over this franchise. The sexual tension between the neurotic Bella and her stalkers is what draws them in. Everything else included in this "saga" is just filler. Emma Watson made the comparison since HP fans already knew that Hermione and Ron were going to be an item. But unlike Twilight, the relationship between the protagonists is not based on sex. But on friendship.


shame on her for saying that, I am a fan of twilight- but I am definitely not obsessed. Twilight is not selling that, and half of the pictures of emma watson are twice as bad.


lol at the hypocrite twihards, its clear that twilight is pretty much an almost NC17/mature badly written fanfic, emma knows what she is talking about, twilight is not about love, bella has an obsession for edward, he makes her horny and all what she wants is pretty much beg him to fuk her, why do you think twilight has so many fangirls? because they like to get wet imagining what a vampire like edward would do to then in bed. and lol at who said that harry potter should thank twilight, sorry but its the other way around, many ppl got to know twilight because they saw Robert in goblet of fire and wanted to see him in another movie, plus everywhere promoted twilight as "similar to harry potter", to try to make it look like something that it isnt, the difference in quality between harry potter and twilight is ridiculous, it shouldnt be compared at all.


hi my freind


I think Emma is absolutely correct!!! Twilight has no good actors, there is no real plot to this story, the movie is just downright depressing all around, potrays a bunch of high hormoned teenagers who have this urgers to just screw....and above all this....the franchise is basically successful because of Taylor Lautner. When the first Twilight movie came out, no one really cared...once Lautner took his shirt off and introduced the world to his physique, the movie boomed....what does this mean? It means that if there was no sex appeal, this movie would simply not sell. HP on the other hand, has a good story plot, the actors are actually good actors, it's more friendship and family orientented and they are successful for the presentation of the show....not selling their bodies. I think it's only a matter of time when people say Kristen who? Robert who? Taylor who?


Well, if Stephanie Meyer wants gorgeous Edward in every page of her book, well, its her damn business. Its her book after all.


@jen Breaking Dawn doesn't even have enough to fill two movies. It's just to get more money, you're right. What, Bella has a wedding they have lots of sex a gory birth sequence and then a bunch of vampires that exist solely for the last book show up for a lame "mind game"? I mean, really. But I can see why people would be appealled to Edward/Robert Pattinson. All Stephenie Meyer talks about is how gorgeous he is for the first half of Twilight. And you're forgetting that when Harry Potter started, they weren't established actors/actress like KS, TL, and RP is.


@Lynn Bailey, she said HARRY POTTER doesn't sell sex. Do you ever see Hermione wearing low cut shirts or shorts. NO, she and the rest of the HP female characters are covered up! Emma and Hermione are TWO different people! She wasn't saying that she doesn't sell sex, but HARRY POTTER doesn't! She has every right to be proud that Harry Potter is about the only thing around that doesn't promote sex! A VERY BIG ACCOMPLISHMENT THESE DAYS, if you ask me!