Emma Watson Accuses Twilight Saga of "Selling Sex"

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Look out, folks. It might be on between Harry Potter and the Twilight Saga!

In a recent interview with the British version of OK! Magazine, Emma Watson talks up Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, which comes out on November 19. Specifically, she's asked about a romantic moment between Hermione and Ron and responds:


"This kiss between Hermione and Ron is highly anticipated, it's been building up for eight films now. And Harry Potter is not Twilight, you know; we're not selling sex."

Snaps, yo! Did Watson just imply that the Harry Potter franchise offers in-depth character analysis and storytelling, while Twilight just relies on the hot bodies of Taylor Lautner and company, while teasing the sexual tension between Edward and Bella?

You tell us: Which is your favorite movie franchise?


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lol! why would emma watson be jealous of twilight saga? harry potter is the biggest movie franchise of all time. 8 films made billions upon billions of dollars. harry potter is brilliant, there is an actual point to these movies, as for twilight it is just a load of shit and a bunch of half dressed gaydudes running around. ive seen twilight and harry potter and i must say, twilight suckks. harry potter (movies and book) both are smart, funny, and heartwarming. there the best movies of all time like i said before. im sorry there are more statistics towards harry potter and its fans, than there is for twilight twilight compared to harry potter is like comparing a peice of shit to a diamond ring thats the truth


You are a beautiful artist and a wonderful future and I hope that Erkki roles in sex


Emma has nothing to be jealous about! -.- She is one of the best actresses that ever lived!! :L


It's quite telling that the comments from Potter fans are thought out and logical meanwhile the Twilight fans post such illiterate and mindless crap you can't even tell what they're trying to say.


Emma is wrong here she has no right to say something about twilight or the stars she should look at her self first twilight is not selling sex at all she is just jealous about it and if you dont like twilight or vampire leave it the because harry or maggice is just for small kids
twilight wins rob + Kris + Taylor =




Um... Twilight is a story based around the eternal love of its central protagonists, it would be weird if sex wasn't mentioned but its hardly being "sold". Vampires in general have become hyper-sexualised characters in pop culture, its not specific to Twilight. Essentially Harry Potter is like the wizarding version of Hitler's Germany, that and sex don't exactly go hand and hand so of course they're not selling it. The focus is more on love of humanity and good vs evil, the romantic relationships aren't really capitalized on. Two COMPLETELY different stories should not be expected to follow an identical criteria.


seriously twilight fans?emma is jealous?Twilight IS selling sex.Just look at the breaking dawn trailer.I'm betting that the sex scene will be 30 minutes long!plus half the movie will have nudity...DON'T YOU DARE COMPARE HARRY POTTER WITH TWILIGHT!they're nothing alike!and it's too much honor for twilight to be mentioned in the same sentence with harry potter!


I'm not going to get into which film is better. I only want to point out to candacebowie21 that yes, Bella was a teen, she was also a legal adult. It's not like she was still in school; she graduated AND was married. That's all I wanted to comment on.


Emma is NOT jealous... Shes got it all- looks, talent, money, fame and an awesome butt-kicking saga! Friggin twilight is NOTHING against harry potter, wait a sec robert patterson was IN the fourth movie of the series!