Donald Trump to NYC Mosque Owner: Let's Make a Deal!

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Call us crazy, but we think Donald Trump likes attention. He seems to chime in on almost every pop culture news story, most recently slamming Steven Slater for his unprofessional actions.

Now, Trump has gotten involved in a far more pressing, global issue: he's actually contacted Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, the most prominent owner of the planned Islamic Cultural Center in NYC, and made an offer on that controversial property.

TMZ has acquired the letter Trump sent to that site's owners, offering them 25% more than the amount for which they purchased the property and saying they must build any other mosque at least five blocks from the grounds of 9/11.

The real estate mogul says he made the offer "because it will end a very serious, inflammatory, and highly divisive situation that is destined, in my opinion, to only get worse."

Replied the attorney for the investor in the real estate partnership that controls the site: This is "just a cheap attempt to get publicity and get in the limelight." 

Probably. But you gotta give the Donald props for creativity.


I will reply to "cameron", the pastor intends to burn copies of Koran, only paper and ink, this will not hurt anyone but muslims of course, as you are sensetive to everything and everyone out of weakness and fear.
you are threatning to recruit muslims all over the world to kill and terrorize innocent people, which is the only thing that you understand, and the only answer for every problem worldwide.
And to your question who are we to stop you, we are the citizens who have suffered from your actions when you hit the towers with the hijacked plane, killing innocent people. And for what, to prove what? that you exist, and need respect,if you need to prove your existence and need others to notice it, and you need people to respect you as muslims, earn it my dear don't force it on anyone.
Thank you.


where were all the jews on 9/11 they werent in the twin towers.
That property belongs to the muslim people if they want to build a mosque who are you to stop them building it.
And as for the pastor of florida you burn our holy Quran you will start a recruitment of muslim people around the world then what are you gonna do, no one can help you then, not even the world leaders of powerful nation.


heck, I say build a mosque a church and a synagouge all right atop Ground Zero, we need more religious tolerance in the world. News flash people, not every muslim is out there to get you! and Mosques certainly aren't automatically 'terrorist training camps'. It's alright to be afraid, but it's certainly not alright when you let your fear close your mind to acceptance, this Muslim bashing is absolutely no better than putting a sheet over your head and hunting down anyone else. Geez


a mosque could be built on ever street corner in new york city and it would not make a difference... america seems to get blamed for ever thing that happens in the world..


go trump! that just shows this has nothing to do with peace. if this was meant for a peacful thing they would move the mosque without a problem but they are bound and determined to put it where they attacked us. they build a mosque as a conquer of war. do your homework ppl!




i agree with karl..and 4 randyjacksonsbutt do you live in new york? maybe you need to watch(hannity)


Donald Trump= a great American!!!!!!!!!


Here's an idea! How about Trump give that 25% extra to a 9/11 charity fund instead. What does it matter if it is located a few blocks from ground zero or 300 miles from it? They are building a mosque not a high security prison. There is a mosque up the highway from myself and it has been there for over 30 years. There has never been any problems come from that mosque and they have actually have helped the community.

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