Did Kate Gosselin Get Hot All of a Sudden?

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When a magazine plays up some female celebrity's "revenge body," most of the time it's total nonsense. But in the case of Kate Gosselin's new People magazine cover, there might be something to it. She actually looks good. Really good.

Like, blow-Jon's-cadre-of-mediocre-girls-out-of-the-water good.

A Kate G. Photo
Hot Kate Gosselin Photo

Kate Gosselin has been working out like a madman lately.

At 35, the mother of eight and rumored girlfriend of Steve Neild may be making him one lucky protector. She is now "the most fit I've ever been," she says.

How? No plastic surgery for this reality star. She credits near-daily runs outside her Wernersville, Penn., home, and she's not afraid to show off the results.

"I've worked really hard!" she tells People in its cover story. "Haven't I earned the right, at this point, to look good?" You bet she has. Here's the result:

Kate Gosselin, New Body

K-WOWW: Look what diet, exercise and getting rid of a reverse mullet weave can do. You go, girl! Never thought we'd say this, but what are you doing later, Kate?

So we just gotta ask ... the boobs. Are they ...


ok people she did have 8 kids..... come on you all know she looks darn good! go kate! aas a mother of 4 i understand and i think you look great!


Sorry --- I'm not impressed at all -- anyone who could afford a tummy tuck, breast implants and personal trainers could look this good.


Why don't REAL moms speak out against this
sorry ass woman?
She garners attn, only because it feeds her$$$$
Wouldn't 9/10 women look this good if they had her sponsors? She's only after the $$$, she could work,like the rest of us do.


I wonder how much air brushing this photo got!


wow she looks great! congrats kate on stickin it to jon lol TEAM k8!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sure, she's hot but that doesn't take away the most unattractive thing about her: eight children.

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