Did Kate Gosselin Get Hot All of a Sudden?

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When a magazine plays up some female celebrity's "revenge body," most of the time it's total nonsense. But in the case of Kate Gosselin's new People magazine cover, there might be something to it. She actually looks good. Really good.

Like, blow-Jon's-cadre-of-mediocre-girls-out-of-the-water good.

A Kate G. Photo
Hot Kate Gosselin Photo

Kate Gosselin has been working out like a madman lately.

At 35, the mother of eight and rumored girlfriend of Steve Neild may be making him one lucky protector. She is now "the most fit I've ever been," she says.

How? No plastic surgery for this reality star. She credits near-daily runs outside her Wernersville, Penn., home, and she's not afraid to show off the results.

"I've worked really hard!" she tells People in its cover story. "Haven't I earned the right, at this point, to look good?" You bet she has. Here's the result:

Kate Gosselin, New Body

K-WOWW: Look what diet, exercise and getting rid of a reverse mullet weave can do. You go, girl! Never thought we'd say this, but what are you doing later, Kate?

So we just gotta ask ... the boobs. Are they ...


Yea, she looks good. I wouldn't say she's totally hot--there's hotter girls. But she's hot for having 8 kids.


She may be looking good these days, but that doesn't change the fact that she is a selfish, media hound who is involved romantically with some one else's husband. She is not a good person inside, so the outside doesn't matter. Any person who pimps out her kids for money is really ugly.


randyjacksonsbutt Says:
September 15th, 2010 1:43 PM Sure, she's hot but that doesn't take away the most unattractive thing about her: eight children. so what part of your brain fried so bad that you think them kids are part of her attraction? are you a sicko? your unattraction would be that you still share the air we breathe.. STFU about them kids moron.


I'd just like to point out an error in this article. You said she does not look this way because she has gotten plastic surgery, when in fact, she has gotten plastic surgery. If you remember way back when, TLC did a special on the Gosselins prior to Jon and Kate's reality show getting picked up full time by the network. She, at one point, showed the result of giving birth to 6 children at once (Jon referred to her as 'deflated')
As you reported several months ago, Jon dated Hailey Glassman after divorcing Kate. Hailey Glassman is the daughter of Dr. Glassman, the plastic surgeon who performed Kate's plastic surgery. So you should have known that both Kate Gosselin and Jon Gosselin have gotten cosmetic procedures done.


Go Kate! Jon's such a moron douche punk.


I have watched this show from day one and I will admit she looks great and she works out alot but did have a little help. Her looks have changed alot!!! but she does need to work on the way she comes across to people. She is a little BITCHY but then with eight kids I would be too.......


YEA YEA YEA she BECAME a MEDIA WHORE and loves it!! She is all for show because that is where her money comes from or else god forbid she get a real job!! She needs to support her 8 kids and this is her meal ticket. She might even catch a man who is willing to deal with her which would be her dream for sure!!

Jennifer dyke black

For having had 8 children she looks amazing even if she did have plastic surgery she still looks good. Good for Kate!


yea i agree she is fake if she ddnt have all that money she wouldnt look like that. plus her personality makes her ugly ass hell. she acts all high n mighty. people need to stop feeling sorry for her and remember that she is the reason jon n her got divorced. shes a bitch.


There is more to life than looking good. Plus I personally thinks she's unattractive. She is wonky eyed and haggard looking. I really don't think she is all that pretty. Magazine covers are always photoshopped plus like Vera said, she's had plastic surgery so how is it fair? It's hard to praise someone who didn't do it all on their own.

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