Demi Lovato Crushes on Trey Songz, Admits to Bieber Fever

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Demi Lovato is a busy young woman.

She's touring the nation with The Jonas Brothers, starring in Camp Rock 2 and also dealing with her recent Joe Jonas break-up. Asked how she'd advise others to deal with a broken heart, the singer laughed and told Celebuzz:

"Suck it up."

Will Demi Lovato and Trey Songz couple up?

Elsewhere in the interview, Demi dished on a crush and spoke on a couple exciting, hopeful duets:

On Trey Songz: He’s pretty hot. We followed each other on Twitter and direct message each other... he’s pretty awesome.

On Miley Cyrus: We talked about doing a duo together, like an acoustic or something. That would be really fun to do with her. She’s one of my best friends and she’s super talented, so I’d love to have her on the album.

On a duet with Justin Bieber: He’s a really sweet kid. I’d love to work with him. My little sister loves him and I’m a fan so I guess you could say I’ve got Bieber Fever.

Will she take on more adults roles? I don’t really feel like I need to do that until I step out of my Disney Channel place. I’m just kind of waiting until the timing is right, but I feel more adult, just living day by day as a newly 18 year old.


trey songz is way to cute,so i dnt care if is older.


i dont think it will work bo-bo need to stick with her jonas brother thats my shyt


i dont think it will work bo-bo need to stick with her jonas brother tahts my shyt


i don't what's happen in demi's mind, but i think that she need grow more to talk about love or trying to get with trey songz, he's a man not a child like the all jonas brother's. lol


Haha she would love to have Miley on her album? Rather she'd be LUCKY! I still don't understand this. If it were Miley in Demi's place thg would be saying 'Miley crushes on Trey Songz, slut! Miley talks about love, wtf does she know. Miley on advice, we don't wanna hear it!' well Demi is truly stupid to think she knows shit about love. Love only comes around once in a blue moon, and you fight for it. She and Joe were dating, sure,but not in love


l dont know why l feel this way but l always think Demi is extremely attention seeking and clingy...
I dont understand her friendship break with Selena and her new friendship with Miley... its like let me hang with the popular beautiful girls if l dont noone will see me and then l will be nothing. And then when Selena hangs out with Taylor she becomes all bitchy... its pathetic, maybe it isnt true but thats how l kinda see it


I hope trey and demi just become a good friends, no more........


no honey stay with camp rock he's mine bog off


omg!demi called trey hot bag off chick HE'S MINE


demi can you give me Justin Biebers number so i can call him

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