Danielle Staub Will Get Whacked, Kevin Maher Predicts

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She's a prostitute, she's a porn star, and she's also the mother of two. - Kevin Maher on ex-wife Danielle Staub

On her upcoming WealthTV show, Danielle Staub will take viewers into the lives of the ultra rich and famous. But, in reality, no series could possibly be any more interesting than the life of Staub herself.

The former Real Housewife of New Jersey is being sued by ex-husband Kevin Maher because he's upset she accused him of rape and other evil deeds. In an interview with E! News, Maher said October 5 will be Danielle's day of reckoning, as her court-mandated deposition will expose the truth about this "pathological liar."


Is Danielle Staub's time on this planet almost up? [Photo: PacificCoastNewsOnline]

Now, Maher is saying A LOT more about his ex.

"It's not safe being around her," he told that same network, referring to the fact that Staub turned on a member of a Colombian drug cartel. "She's a very dangerous woman. I am of the belief that she will get murdered."

Among other allegations, Staub has said Maher killer her dog and forced himself insider her... on top of broken glass.

"It was a horrific thing being called a rapist," Maher said. "She did that in a calculating, diabolical way to hurt me... What kind of woman would make those allegations?. Look at what she is: She's a prostitute, she's a porn star, and she's also the mother of two."

Referring to Danielle's history as a drug-dealing hooker (she has admitted to being a "call girl), Maher concluded:

"The Medellin drug cartel did not forget what she did and they are outraged that she had the nerve to go on national television, flaunt her wealth. And basically, what she's saying when she did that is, ‘It's OK, everyone that is thinking of flipping on the Medellin drug cartel, just look at me. I'm living the good life here. I have my own television show. They didn't touch me.'

"I think that sends a dangerous signal to everyone who is thinking about informing on the drug cartel or turning them in."

Watch the interview now:


If Danielle is supposedly wealthy, how can she afford to pay for her bodyguards/Danny/new clothes when her SUV was repossessed and she may lose her home?


OMG .... Danielle is one NASTY ho. If someone doesn't get her UGLY mouth and face off of TV I will have to throw up. Just watching the way her face moves when she talks .... GROSS! Those poor children .... I pray when the Cartel catches up to Danielle, PLEASE I pray that those daughters of her's are far away. Your never safe after you RAT on the Cartel ... what is she thinking? They will act, but not when she thinks they will. Children ... run and hide, mommy is a whore who RATS, and nothing can come of that but ... bad news.


Hey, Monkey, thanks for the heads up because BB IS Danielle. It is just the type of crap she would pull. Who else besides her own mother would say nice thing about her. Go away. As a matter of fact, get whacked like your ex predicts. BTW, I think his prediction is a mere contract that he put out himself. I would.


To Kyle: You crack me up!! I also think BB IS Danielle! She has posted other times sounding just like her! She is a crazy fuckin psycho!! She is a horrible role model for her daughers, a total hypocrite and delusional!! Yes she did all that shit 20 years ago but she has not changed one bit, that is why we can't drop it! Still the same old sluty gold diggen trash bag! She was probably nailing Danny and paying him for his "services"!! Oh so sad! LOL
No one likes her and was only pretending like the Kims to get on the show. Sorry honey they were all using you but you should be use to that huh? Used and abused...the story of your life WAIT that should be the title of your new book LMFAO BTW you look like a fucking TRANI


BB...thanks for the laugh. Your about as funny as Danielle's Porno. You can give it but you cant take it. Sounds like Danielle. BTW BB you posted three times on this site. maybe you should be more productive with your time. Tell Danielle I said Hello BB..


Kyle, Your 2 posts really do prove to everyone that you "really couldn't give a shit about Danielle." hint hint - get a life and find something productive to do so you won't have to spend your time starting arguments with strangers on the internet.


BB...I just saw Danielle's porno. Ouch! She's a great example for her children! I don't think you'll see any of the Caroline's family in any type of that filth. But, I know Danielle is so precious. LOL. I'm waiting for that little troll Danny Pro to comment...Instead of walking on my treadmill for 5 minutes before my work out...I'll whack Little Danny around and then do my work out!


Well BB. I really couldn't give a shit about Danielle. I call it the way I see it. My final judgement on her was an easy one to make. She's Nuts. Don't ignore the obvious. Her actions speak for themselves. And little Danny Boy wouldn't scare my 15 year old son...never mind me. Let me use his own words to describe what I think of him, "He's a PUNK". Danny's only brave when he's in a group. One on One he's a weasel. Call Bravo...I'll fight him for the exercise..LMAO


Oh Kyle, Are you a Manzo family insider who trolls around the news to post hate stories about Danielle Staub? And how is what Danielle might have done over 20 years ago connected to the show? If Danielle's 20 year old 'maybe' past is material for the show, and your hateful comments, then 'maybe' connections to the mob are also fair topics of discussion. As I said, when it comes to Caroline all the dirt gets edited out. BTW, maybe you should speak to Danny to his face.


Oh my God...Kevin Maher showed his true colors. IF you think that its one thing...but you can't be stupid enough to say it in a video interview ! No one should wish death on ANYONE. Don't spilt hairs Maher. By saying you think she'll get murdered is sick ! People like you cant help but show their true colors ! Do the words "chemical imbalance" ring a bell Maher !

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