Danielle Staub to Promote Rich, Extravagant Lifestyles on New Show

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In case it wasn't nauseating enough for Danielle Staub to have landed her own talk show, and in case it wasn't sick enough that she plans to insult all gay people on it, consider this:

Titled Social, the series will focus on the extravagant lifestyles of the rich and famous. That's exactly what the world needs to see more of, right? Maybe one episode can tell us about the CEO of Goldman Sachs and his $50 million bonus from last year.

Red Carpet Danielle

Who would not watch a series that combines sheer lunacy with over-the-top wealth?

“It’s a phenomenal show and people are excited to have Danielle,” said Cary Sandoval, creator and executive producer of Social, which will air on some network called Wealth TV.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Sandoval said Staub
will travel to the houses of rich friends and attend black tie affairs with them. Does that sound like must-watch television or what?!?

Danielle won't be confined to the east coast, either, because the producer says "[we want to] incorporate the fact that she’s an international socialite." Hmmm... is "international" a synonym for "utterly insane?"

In conclusion, Sandoval describes Staub as an "absolute sweetheart" and points out that the show will "raise awareness [for various charities]."

Foremost among them, we can only presume: The Danielle Staub Fund for Failed Sex Tape Stars.


Wonder if she will be "carrying". when she goes on interviews, you know how scared she gets that people are out to get her!!
The woman is an over the top idiot! I can't think of any reason, anyone would want to watch or listen to her rant, or report on any issue. I wouldn't be surprised to find that she strips money off the top, before it gets to the Charity she is supposedly raising it for.


Lost her car. Lost her house. Her Bravo paychecks confiscated by the court. What celeb would allow her into their home?




just let her be


She's an international socialite? Since when is being a busted up old hooker that lives in Jersey equal international socialite. Banging Arab tourists for money is not being "social", it's prostitution.


Now I know we are doomed as this horrible example of a human being is getting her own show on a cable channel that promotes uber wealth from around the world. Hello, did you at Weath TV see her home? It was Villa de Tacky. I remember years ago seeing a needlepont pillow on Madison Ave. (NYC) with the saying: "Good girls go to heaven...Bad girls go everywhere." Or remember this oldie but goodie: "Crime does not pay", you wanna bet!!!!


Can someone explain how she is a socialite and knows these rich people? Where does her money come from? I think she's scary looking. Her face is so botoxed and stretched her eyebrows look like cruella d'ville. And I'm not being mean....why is she on TV??? She's just another Omerosa but not as smart.....everyone loves a train wreck I guess. Personally, she really creeps me out and I feel so sorry for her kids.


I hate it how even the reporters are biased against her. Everyone is jumping on the hate Danielle wagon. I mean at least report the story fairly, stop it already. I am soooo disgusted with all of this bashing for nothing.


I hope she isn't going to bring her bodyguards with her. This show will last about twelve seconds, because famous rich people won't want anything to do with her. Only the social climbers and the wannabes. Would you want her in your home after hearing about her past? In the words of Danielle, PLEASE PAY ATTENTION!!! This woman is all over the map. Never seen such a lying, delusional, poor me victim in my life. I don't hate her, but disgusted with her. She gives women a bad name. The best thing is you don't have to watch or just shut the tv off. Thank god I don't get Wealth TV nor would I get it through my cable company.


Give her a break! She looks good acts good and good for TV. Stop the hatred and focus on the other LOOOOOZERS on that show. She has EVERY RIGHT TO PURSUE A CAREER IN HOLLYWOOD. She was destroyed and ATOMIC BOMBED on NJHW. You should ALL be ashamed of this SALEM WITCH HUNT!


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